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    Aratakiism is the ideology of the Arataki Gang and Arataki Itto himself as well as Kuki Shinobu sometimes. It usually resides in the Libleft side of the compass although Kuki Shinobu sits on the Center of the compass and is very culturally left ideology.


    Aratakiism stems from Arataki Itto's beliefs as well as how the Arataki Gang operates. The blue onii in old times made a deal with the red onii that the blue onii would play as the monster while the red onii play as the hero in order for the onii to be reintegrated into society. However Aratakiism doesn't like people sacrificing themselves in order for another to enjoy for themselves and as such wants the blue onii to join the red onii into society as well. Aratakiism doesn't really like discrimination against onii and wants onii to be welcomed into society as normal people just like humans are and wants people to be less scared of onii. Aratakiism does this by playing against children in children games like beetle battle and other children games. Arattakiism also forms a gang where they help the community with varying degrees of success.



    Kuki Shinobu differs from all the other members of the Arataki Gang as she is more smarter and believes in more professionalism than the other members of the Arataki Gang. Kuki Shinobu exercises restraint on most of the Arataki Gang members exercising discipline on rowdy Arataki Gang members and Itto. Kuki Shinobu has also allowed the Arataki Gang to dabble in more professional fields like financial services and many other professional services for people in Inazuma in order to raise funding for the Arataki Gang's activities. Nevertheless she will still bail the Arataki Gang out of jail and help them through professional means. Kuki Shinobu has a distaste over sticking to family traditions and wants to make her own path.


    Aratakiism is very loud and boastful but with a huge heart. Aratakiism often likes to help the community and treat his gang like family. With the exception of Kuki Shinobu, Aratakiism is very stupid with their attempts of helping people often ending up getting in trouble with the police due to minor disturbing the order scenarios. Aratakiism also likes the compete in children games with children often taking the snacks as trophies once winning the game. Aratakiism likes to rebel against authority a lot and even wants to get even literally annoying the crap out of Kujou Sara to duel him again. The Kuki Shinobu side is more professional and more calm often being transparent and more comfortable with law enforcement.


    Fellow Gang Members and Onii

    • Anti-Racism - I wish for both the red onii and the blue onii to live with humans together in happiness.
    • Communitarianism - All my gang members are family to me!
    • Humanitarianism - The Arataki Gang likes to help people out with varying degrees of success.
    • Multiculturalism - Why can't we onii just live in human society in peace? We're not scary!
    • Combatocracy - I'm the head honcho of the Arataki Gang, and everyone knows my name...s. Names, I have many. Arataki "The One and Oni" Itto! Arataki "The Oni Sumo King" Itto! Arataki "The Pride of Oni" Itto! Arataki "Beetle Gladiator" Itto! Arataki "The Ultimate TCG Champion" Itto! Arataki "He Might Lose but He'll Never Admit Defeatto"!
    • Illegalism - I'm trying to help me here, the Tenryou Commission, they try to get me for the most dumb reasons possible!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - I will get back my vision you took from me!
    • Egalitarianism - All onii should be treated equally and humans should treat onii as humans as well! I hate how the blue onii have to sacrifice themselves for us red onii to live peacefully!
    • Kakistocracy - Most of us are very dumb.
    • Individualism - I should forge my own path away from my family bloodline.
    • Anti-Humanism - Humans are not above onii, we onii are people just like you!


    • SJW - Hey! I appreciate that you are trying to help me but you attacking innocent people!
    • Noocracy - My trusty sidekick Kuki is very smart but she's scary sometimes!
    • Childhoodism - I like playing competitive games with kids but I won those snacks so they are mine!
    • Dark Yugiism - Wanna duel! You know who you're facing right, The Arataki "The Ultimate TCG Champion" Itto! Yeah that's right you're going to lose!
    • Gerontocracy - I love Grandma Onii but I wish she took the Arataki Gang serious and not consider us as me and my frineds.
    • Liyue Model - Hey, what's that supposed to mean!? You trying to say I'm not famous enough and my intentions are no good? But at least Kuki Shinobu studied in Liyue and got all her skills in Liyue.


    • Police Statism - Some ashigaru blockheads from the Tenryou Commission accused me of disrupting the peace, next it was the Yashiro Commission, complaining it ruined the atmosphere in the area, and finally, even the Kanjou Commission got involved — they sent some lackeys over demanding advertising tax! Ugh, they have no idea who the bad guys are here! Also Yelan annoys me a lot.
    • Shrine Maidencracy - I am never becoming a shrine maiden!
    • Ei's Eternity - Hey! Raiden Shogun, is that you? Well guess what — you're not the boss of me. Uh-huh, that's right, you heard me! Go ahead, strike me down!
      • - Ok then


      • - At least I went down in style
      • - Next Time I will strike twice.
    • Authoritarianism - They always complain that I'm disturbing order or something else yadda yadda.
    • Stratocracy - Hey I demand a rematch, it'll be a sumo wrestling rematch, and I will get even from what happened last time when you took my vision!
    • Paleoconservatism - We're just a bunch of lunatic kids? Hey you listen we're not the criminals here!
    • Blue Lives Matter - All the cops do is arrest me for no reason at all!
    • Humanism - Why are humans above onii? What's with the deal against onii huh!
    • Racism - I want to end the discrimination against onii!
    • Misanthropy - No onii should not hurt humans you psychopath!
    • Japanese Feudalism - I want to be on my own path, not be stuck in some family tradition.
    • Feudalism - Same as above.
    • Park Chung-Hee Thought - Hey I'm not unemployed, I still do work for one day and take a break for three days so stop trying to send me to a concentration camp.
    • Totalitarianism - You're insane!
    • Paimon - You calling me an idiot!? Oh yeah, well you're a puny little flying Lavender Melon. Hah!

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