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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Arabian Bolshevism is an Off-Compass Totalitarian, Economically Far-Left, Culturally Center, Pan-Arabian and Communist ideology which wants to create a big communist state in the Middle East.

    It wants to create a nation based on The dictatorship of the proletariat which encapsulates all of the arabic world. This super-state would use a communist economy and be based on the thoughts of Karl Marx. However, the revolution and the subsequent "utopia" is meant for the arabic people only, everyone else will be left out.

    It uses the aesthetics of Islam and wants to be known as a force that frees Muslims from the West. Though, this is only a facade as it wants to illegalize religious thought, only the state and the revolution should be on the people's minds.

    It uses Ingsoc-esque tactics to control the people. An overabundance of surveillance, doublethink, a cult-like admiration for the state and the revolution, a thought-police and other policies are used to create an ultra-totalitarian state.

    Like most other Communists the number one enemy is "the bourgeois" and it will use this in its propaganda. Anyone who goes against the state will be deemed a "crypto-capitalist" and executed. It sees the Western world as the manifestation of Capitalism and the West will therefore be vilified, but the state won't actually attack the West and will only use it as a fear-tactic.




    • Stalinism - Too moderate and not a Arab, but still pretty based.
    • Ingsoc - The only westerner I can tolerate.



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