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    Arab Marxism is an Orthodox Marxist ideology focusing on Arab Pan-Nationalism and Islamic Socialism

    Arab Marxism is also an Islamic revolutionary ideology and supports welfare state


    Refrom Or Revolution

    Arab Marxism supports guerrilla warfare and the vanguard party and supports any kind of revolution as long as there is no counter-revolution. Arab Marxism also puts capitalist Arab states as its first target.

    Islamic Progressivism

    Arab Marxism argues that Islam is a progressive religion, the prophet Muhammad was a revolutionary personality and his revolution still has parts in the world

    Religion and the State

    Arab Marxism advocates the coexistence of state and religion and the rule of the state according to Quranic law, which is necessary in an Arab state, but also Arab Marxism is a secular ideology.


    If Arab Marxism wants society to be in a collectivist order, it cannot be an individualist communist, then it is an anarchist, not a communist.

    Islam and Socialism

    Arab Marxism argues that Islam is a socialist religion, there is no Free Market in Islam except for the fabrication of a few sheikhs and Islam recommends sharing

    Pan-Nationalism And Internationalism

    Arab Marxism defends the alliance and trade of an Arab state with communist states, and it starts a revolution by organizing the working class in capitalist states.


    Arab Marxism argues that it would be easier for the capitalist imperialist West to be sent from the Middle East and thus to reach a communist Arab state.

    The State

    Arab Marxism argues that the state is necessary for socialism. Also, Marxism is an ideology that requires the state and the state makes the distribution of capital.

    Planned Economy

    Arab Marxism argues that a planned economy is better than a free market. With a planned economy, the economy can be shaped more easily and its inflation can be prevented.

    Trotsky is not a Bolshevik

    While Arab Marxism argues that Trotsky was not a Bolshevik, he was just a counter-revolutionary who passed from Mensheviks to Bolsheviks but could not pass ideologically.

    Why capitalism is a failed System

    Arab Marxism considers capitalism to allow monopolization and impoverishment of the worker, considers equal conditions best for workers

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  • Marxism - Pretty good theory
  • Leninism - Based revolutionary
  • Marxist Feminism - Real feminism
  • Islamic Theocracy - ALLAHU EKBER
  • Islamic Socialism - Marxism and Islamism synthesis? Based.
  • Arab Socialism - Pretty good.
  • Pan-Arabism - We should unite as one.
  • Frenemies

    • Kemalism - You Modernized Turkey and kicked the imperialists out of Anatolia, but you are a social democrat and a secularist.
    • Pan-Islamism - Actually, you're good, but there are non-Muslims in places where Islam is the majority.
    • İttihadism - Enver Pasha, in my opinion, is not a Turkish nationalist but a pan-Islamist, and it is imperialistic for you to try to suppress the Arab uprisings in the Ottoman Empire.
    • Anarcho-Communism - You look good, but you're too liberal and communism needs a state.
    • Democratic Confederalism - Same as above, but slightly better, at least it wants a Libertarian state


    • Capitalism - I hope the exploiting bourgeois collapses
    • Jihadism - Fraudsters using Islam more fascist than Mussolini
    • Clerical Fascism - God doesn't even love you
    • Nazism - You broke out a goddamn fascist world war and killed millions of people, you did it for your nation, but your nation doesn't love you
    • Facism - Same as above
    • State Atheism - Fuck off

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