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    Aquilenism is economically from center-left and culturally from center-left to center-right. It was founded by the liberal toucan Aquiles Paraizo in 2023. Culturally it is based on a Liberal Society, supporting the implementation of civil rights and others liberties, excluding the legalization of abortion when the woman is not in danger. Economically, he is a great supporter of Social Liberalism and a little of Keynesianism, using market capitalism with a large welfare state.

    The Aquilenist ideology has been referred to the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), a party that Paraizo sympathizes with and which takes a good part of the Aquilenist thoughts and doctrines, such as social liberalism and parliamentarianism.



    Aquilenism strongly defends the liberal free market , believing it to be the best system for the freedom of the individual and would improve the economic freedom of the country. At the same time, it guarantees a safety net and social well-being for the population, something very similar to the Nordic Model or also called Nordic Capitalism. It also builds on the thoughts of Ordoliberalism, emphasizes the need to ensure a competitive market and at the same time regulate it to avoid anti-competitive behavior and ensure economic stability

    Supports globalization and economic cooperation between allied countries , this being a strong opponent of protectionist and insolationist policies such as North Korea in Juche, as he believes this could lead to a gigantic delay in economic development.

    Society and LGBT rights

    Aquilenism is socially center-right, opposing issues of abortion (except in cases of rape), drugs (Except cigarette and marijuana) and in favor of the death penalty for more serious crimes. On the other hand, he is a defender of the rights of minorities such as LGBT and transgender people, in addition to supporting same-sex marriage, thus giving more freedom to these groups. It decriminalizes any group, organization and party with extremist ideas, ranging from far left to far right , believing that these groups can destroy civil rights and freedoms in the democracy. Openly defends freedom of the press and an open internet with some moderation in cases of crimes and misinformation.


    It defends a secular state, where the state does not mix with the country's dominant religion. All citizens have the right to follow their religious beliefs freely and it is (theoretically) against the exhibition of religious symbols in public places (oh not unless it is a religious establishment: Churches, mosques and etc). Intolerance against such religions will be criminalized, and may lead to a fine or even imprisonment of 5 years.

    Government system

    Aquilenism believes that Parliamentarianism is the best system of government for a republican government, where it mentions a lot of governments that use this system like Germany, Nordic countries and Canada. For Aquilenism, if a government is bad or has a bad management, it can even be removed by parliament and call new elections, unlike presidentialism where the bad manager has to serve his term of 4 years or more.

    Within the parliamentary and republican system, Aquilenism strongly defends semi-direct democracy inspired by Switzerland, with referendums, public consultations, popular initiatives and federalism. With all these policies, the country tends to be very democratic and free.

    Foreing Policy

    As a liberal and globalist ideology, Aquilenism is expected to defend Brazil's strong rapprochement with the West, defending the Treaty between Mercosur and the European Union and a global partnership between Brazil and NATO. He describes Taiwan as the true and legitimate China and believes in Korean unification under southern rule. Is a big fan of color revolutions, which aim to change pro-Russian regimes to pro-Western ones, as in the case of Georgia (2003), Ukraine (2004) and Armenia (2018).

    Since the 2022 Ukrainian War , has been one of Russia's strongest critics and a strong supporter of Ukrainian sovereignty under invasion, where it describes Russia as a terrorist state.

    Parties I Support Globally



    • Social Liberalism, Ordoliberalism - Free Market, Civil and Political Rights and a state of social well-being, that's all too tasty!
    • - Democracy - You represent the true power of the people!
    • Toucanism - My party!
    • - Neoliberalism - Until it is a beautiful liberalism.
    • - Nordic Model - You are certainly a role model for all third world countries!
    • Third Way - Big boy! You remind me of Social Liberalism, only much more progressive.
    • Macronism - My President! I know that your measures are quite unpopular, but I believe that this will benefit France anyway!
    • Pro-Westernism - Basically my view of foreign policy, DEMOCRACY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE
    • Saakashvilism - Best president Georgia has had. You changed your country in a good way! Hope you get released soon #FREEMISHA
    • Democratism - One of my favorite party externally. I love FDR, Truman and Clinton.
    • Russian Pacifism - You represent a Democratic and Based Russia! I hope you can do this!
    • Khamaism - You managed to transform a country that was once the second poorest in the world into one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent, all within the norms of liberal democracy. Certainly a hero for Botswana who has my full respect!


    • Neoconservatism - I not Conservative....but, i like your interventions! May you protect the democracies threatened by the terrorist state of Russia! I hope one day Brazil starts to ally with you!
    • Capitalism - You're not perfect and you have your problems, but you're definitely the best system we have, and that's why I like you!
    • Uribism - We like the United States, plus it has reduced drug trafficking in Colombia A LOT. But you were kind of corrupt and authoritarian during your tenure.
    • Ilminism - I like the ideas of a unified anti-communist Korea. But at certain times in its history it was very authoritarian and against the values of democracy.


    • Nazism - Your existence disgusts me!
    • Marxism-Leninsm - A shit ideology that caused thousands of deaths around the world with its authoritarianism and repression. Marx would certainly be ashamed of you!
    • National Bolshevism - A mixture of shit and shit!
    • Stalinism - JUST DIE
    • Bolsonarism - Populist reactionary! Glad you didn't get re-elected.
    • Chavismo - You are the proof that Populism causes destruction to the nation, even more a nation as beautiful as Venezuela.
    • Orbanism - A puppet reactionary from Kremilin!
    • Baathism - False and authoritarian ideology! Remember 1991 and 2003...
    • Right-Wing Populism - You are a populist conspirator!
    • Getulism - In addition to being a dictator, he was a hell of a populist who destabilized Brazilian politics in his second term and generated huge inflation.
    • Juche - You are the reason why North Korea is shit and backwards. SOUTH KOREA IS THE REAL PEOPLE'S KOREA, YOU SHIT!




    • Ayafantoho Thought - Your account was clearly intended to put you in the enemies section, so you're here, LOL.


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