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    Aquerism is the ideology of Aquer.

    It is an ideology that focuses on the spread of Minarcho-Socialism plus Eco-Anarchism. He hates anything that's Capitalist, Traditionalist, or Statist because he believes that all hierarchies have caused all of the problems in the world and wants them to be abolished. So Traditionalism, Statism and Capitalism need to be non-existent through continual spread of LibLeft ideals globally in order to be fixed.

    He also believes that world is so embedded with Capitalism/the Status Quo, that it is near impossible to achieve anything through a revolution anymore. So it should inch the status quo slowly either towards the desirable LibLeft through quick continuous reform, (or if it's unachievable) towards LibUnity or LeftUnity. Basically either the status quo becoming Socialist/Communist and/or Anarchist.

    He is acceptive of LibUnity and LeftUnity as long as they don't tread too far away from his ideals. Such as LibUnity being too Capitalist or LeftUnity being too Authoritarian.




    • Market Socialism - Decent, but I'd rather you be on more of the Libertarian side.
    • Progressivism - Good, but you're stuck in the centrist mindset, move a little more left to know what Progressivism actually is.
    • Marxism - Thanks for creating Communism but you are a little outdated. Also why did you advocate for a transitional state?
    • Social Democracy - I do appreciate your attempts at regulating Capitalism, but at this point just get rid of it.
    • Georgism - I like that you hate land commodification but drop the Capitalism.
    • Democracy - You are only good when you are direct.
    • Transhumanism - Eh, if you help people with enhances you're fine.
    • Egoism - Nice, but a little too selfish for my liking.
    • Antifa - Kinda dumb, but you at least hate Fascists.
    • Paleolibertarian Socialism - Eh, I can handle you.
    • File:Natlibsoc.png National Libertarian Socialism - Same as above.
    • Tomassciism - Similar to me, but relies more on the state and is more Conservative. Don't worry you're still good.
    • Daveism - Good that you're a Guild Socialist, but please ease up on the Monarcho-Nazbol Orthodox empire please.
    • Conseilism - Guild Socialism and religious freedom is good, but the Reactionary Empire and Noocracy part is not.


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