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    AquaReborn Thought is a collection of beliefs of the user . She is a born again Christian who believes that certain traditional ways of life are the best ways by which one may live. She believes in the restoration of both eastern Confucian tradition and western Christian tradition, monarchy, somewhat tolerant theocracy, a distributist model of production and commerce, and imperial pursuits of a traditionalist crown and its people in order to spread the good order.


    She tries her best to live by the words of God, avoiding temptation and sin which she finds too prominent in the modern world. As such, she carries herself as a good citizen, a humble woman, and an honest community member, and hopes to inspire goodness in others with good deeds. She is kind, and she is diplomatic with all fellow children of God, generally even including people other traditionalists may deem "heretics", "sodomites", or "degenerates", because she believes that it is not her place to judge and ridicule others, for she is not God.



    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - God loves and saves all of mankind.
    • Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism - Tradition nourishes the soul and glues together society.
    • Confucianism.png Confucianism - Eastern tradition, especially Confucian tradition, is also good in its own right.
    • Tradwife.png Tradwifeism - I pray to the Lord every day that when the day comes, I will be a good wife and a good mother, as it is one of my life's greatest duties.
    • Unimon.png Universal Monarchism - Good kings, ordained by God, will best govern and bless the lands of the Earth.
    • Mondistli.png Monarcho-Distributism - A cohesive system that will serve the common people, granting them power, free will, security, and unity.
    • Eccon.png Eco-Conservatism - The environment, which comprises so many of God's gifts for mankind, ought to be conserved, and ought not to be taken for granted as we often do today.
    • Rural.png Ruralism - Symbiotic with traditional ways of life.
    • Decel.png Decelerationism - Modern technology and its rampant new development has weakened the modern man's spiritual ties with God.
    • Kingism.png Positive Reactionaryism - Good philosophy, which follows well the intentions of God for the life of men.
    • Pat.png Patriarchy - Men are better fit to hold the reins of governance, and to provide for the family.


    • Cap.png Capitalism - Widespread ownership of capital serves the free will and needs of the people better than unfettered monopolies on the market.
    • Soc.png Socialism - Wants to help the people, but has rather impractical means of doing so, while often also seeking too hard to erase the good essence of tradition.
    • LRpop.png Fusion Populism - I have a passion to help the common people, and I have ideas that are shared to some extent by the populist left and right, but I also believe that tribalism and violence are not good sentiments to live by.
    • World.png Globalism - Universal cooperation amongst mankind is ideal, but I cannot agree with the ways in which it is being conventionally done in the modern world.
    • Urbanism.png Urbanism - Grand cities exist within the Bible, but they were not built to the same morally and environmentally destructive extent that modern cities are.
    • Gay.png LGBTism - These people are my friends and my neighbors, but nonetheless, such lifestyles are contrary to God's plans for human connection.
    • Mat-0.png Matriarchy - Women are better fit to care for the household, and to nourish the family, and while mothers are just as crucial as fathers, I do not believe the world is best served under predominantly female governance.


    • Bigot.png Bigotism - Hate is never the answer. Hate is one of the devil's greatest temptations for mankind.
    • Fash.png Fascism - The modern conception of the nation-state and its blasphemous worship over the divine law of God is divisive as well as hateful.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Your leaders do not serve the people, and want to stomp out the traditional way of life and even religion. Having the world your way is not what God intends.
    • Neolib.png Neoliberalism - What has our modern world become? The elite class has strayed from God's word. God did not give us free will to build a civilization so fundamentally selfish, so egotistically short-sighted, and so unabashedly sinful. We must turn to good before God reveals his wrath fully upon us.
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - This is evil, even as a concept.


    Note: Please leave new comments at the top. Also, I'm sorry, but I will not be adding self-inserts to the Relations section of this page.

    • : I'm glad that you've seen the light of the lord and use his word for positivity. Though I disagree with this on almost every fundamental level, I'm happy that you have been born again into a better person. God bless.
    • Cheesenism (PB).png Second kaiser emperor Of cheese empire: are you AquaHeart?
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png: 夜安,加我?
    • Amm1.gif Amism - Kinda based even as an anarchist ngl, anyway if you do relations with users can you add me?

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