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    Appalachian Frontierism

    Appalachian Frontierism is a Libertarian ideology inspired by Frontierism. Appalachian Frontierism is an ideology that is based on the lifestyle of the Appalachia during the prohibition and early settlement days, it advocates for libertarianism, agrarianism, Personal Freedom, and the structure of a small government. Values differ from person to person however the general concept is based on the Wild West government where the Federal Government deals with National issues, and the rest is left up to State and Local governments with the majority of the of the laws and how they are enforced being up to local governments.


    Appalachian History is defined by the struggles of the people that live and lived here now and in ages past, from the split beliefs during the civil war, to the many things that went on during the prohibition and Great Depression, Appalachia has dealt with it different than most places. The prohibition led to Appalachia's rich history of moonshine and illegal alcohol production that is still well known to this day. The musical history of Blue Grass, Appalachian Trail Songs, Appalachian Banjo, and more local musical types unique to Appalachia.

    The Modern Frontier

    The Modern Frontier has its roots in the historic frontier but as times change so does the frontier, Modern Appalachian-Frontierism advocates for extended periods of time spent in nature with activities like Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, and other outdoor activities. Some ways to help sustain a Frontierist lifestyle include Gardening, Farming, Growing crops, Raising Cattle, and owning many "producer" or "work" animals like Cows for meat and milk, Goats for milk, Chickens for meat and eggs, Horses, Donkeys, and Mules for work and transport animals. Another recommended activity is Bee Keeping for farm pollination and Honey production. Vehicles are also an added bonus to living on a modern Frontier, and a recommended vehicle for living on a Frontier such as the Appalachian Frontier would be some sort of a Pickup Truck or Flat-Bed Truck.


    Some of the products you can make yourself on the Appalachian Frontier are milk and cheese (of many types), any fruit preserves, jellies, and jams, eggs, honey, crops, herbs, and even things like tools, weapons, decorations, baskets, clothing, and many more things. We also advocate for the production of homemade moonshine or alcohol, however you need to be safe while doing so, improper alcohol production may lead to damage to ones health

    How to Draw

    1. draw a black circle
    2. draw a line from top left to bottom right
    3. draw the two eyes
    4. draw some type of rifle
    5. draw a hatchet
    6. draw a railway spike
    7. add the cowboy hat
    8. then color the right side green
    9. then color the left side blue

    Color Meaning.

    The Colors stand for the Nature and Wilderness of Appalachia, Green for the many types of plants, and Blue for the many lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, and ponds all across Appalachia

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