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    "Morals are only the fruit of meaningless abstraction in an attempt to make sense of the world around us, what the people need to understand is that morals must be based around concrete values like beauty, race preservation and intelligence, rather than kindness or strength." - Temüjin Khan

    Apolytism, also known as the Apolytes (descending from the Greek "apolytos" for "absolute"), they are a group of people who advocate for profoundly left-wing and right-wing ideals combined with a totalitarian Aristocracy. They believe that a small group of people who fit under Temüjin Khan's ideals for purity the most, must govern over everyone else. They also want the people to eat far less than they already do as well as embracing concrete values over abstract values. Their worst enemy is nature, also refereed to as "The Green Whore", she is responsible for most human deaths according to the Apolytes, which represents its "extreme philanthropy".


    The principal Apolyte ideal is to create a totalitarian world state controlled by "the most perfect people on earth". The state controls everything and consists of several substates owned by aristocrats. Temüjin is the supreme leader and owns everything on Earth. Mind-reading machines were used in order to make sure the people do not speak "blasphemous" words against the ruling party.

    A "perfect" Apolyte society would primarily consist of a three category hierarchy, with the aristocrats at the top, slaves in the middle and subhumans at the bottom. It insists that the people, while maintaining their ethnic and cultural (even specie if we ever meet aliens) labels, they must be categorized by concrete aspects such as their beauty, beliefs, sub-specie race or (average) intelligence, every other aspects should not be counted.

    People who are neither White, Asian nor jewish or race-mixed between any ethnicity are considered to be automatically subhumans (because of their "barbarian" and "ecofascist" culture) and must be enslaved if they are fit enough or killed in middle-agesque ways (impalement, spanish donkey, crucifixion, etc...) or slaughtered to be made into food for the aristocrats. Those, no matter their race, who are too hideous must end up killed in the same ways as the "subhumans". Those who are overweight (even obese) are not killed if the cause is completely other than gluttony.

    People who are of White, Asian OR Jewish but do not fit completely Temüjin's ideal person directly have to live as "unpaid workers" who can be bought and sold, practically everything including murder, rape, theft against this category of people or subhumans is allowable except for gluttony, which is the sole and only true sin. In order for the people to survive, they have to fight between each other in order to survive.

    Those who are White, Asian or Jewish and fit Temüjin's ideal person, also known as "the remaining 1%" will become aristocrats and rulers of the world, each will partially own (Temüjin owns all of the Earth) a territory which corresponds to his or her birth city, some cities will be directly under state control including most world capitals, the owner of these territories has the right to freely exercise their power on their people with almost no limits, only two constitutional laws; no gluttony and no opposition to global state laws. In order to avoid cultural opposition, culture is forbidden for those who are not aristocrats, while the aristocrats must keep their homelands' culture, the people can practice any culture they want, as long as there is no miscegenation as it seriously impacts human beauty. Each of these owners (aristocrats) were recommended to exercice warfare between each other's territories as a form of competition for profit, men, women and children were all enslaved and forced to go to war or were stolen to become sex slaves.

    Apolytism is marked for its deliberate attempts to replace nature with technology by torturing to death all animals possible and selling them as food for the rich. As for pollution, there is no restriction in air pollution and degradation is completely legal, which results in cities filled with garbage everywhere, graffitis over all the walls, ending up in chaos. As for air pollution, as already said, is completely unrestricted, entire cities such as Paris and Berlin were replaced by giant industrial complexes where animals and people are slaughtered, as well as to create useless merchandises and luxury for the aristocrats. Nature is also overtaken by the state and natural disasters easily prevented or used against opponents or just for profit.

    Temüjin also profited from his power to instore a cult of worship around him, he forced all religions to replace their figures with him so he can be worshiped by everyone, atheists must also accept him as their god or they must be impaled or crucified. He declares that he is the incarnation of all divine figures and that he created the human race in order to fight the cruel "Green Whore". Gluttony is considered to be the "sin of pigs", Temüjin decided to severely reduce everyone's food intake including himself, which caused massive famines around the world. In terms of social liberty, homosexuality and bisexuality is acceptable due to its concrete and logical nature, unlike the concept of transgenderism and gender itself, believing that genders do exist is inacceptable. Discrimination (even by thought) against those who are not subhumans must result in brutal torture then impalement.

    Temüjin's ideal person

    • Intelligence - IQ of above 150, if beauty criterias not met, IQ must be above 200 or be wise enough.
    • Physical appearance - The persons considered to be the cutests of the city, village or commune, they must either be white, asian or jewish and be native.
    • The weight does not matter as long as not gluttonous, any other "sin" such as sloth is acceptable.
    • These laws did not include Temüjin as he is "a special person".


    Apolytism is a big bully, he loves to harass everyone just for fun and is very judgmental toward people.

    How to draw

    File:Flag of the apolytes.png

    • Draw a ball
    • Paint it marine blue
    • Draw a yellow menorah on the upper-left
    • Draw a monocle (don't forget the blued glass) and a black hat
    • You're done!



    • Heinrich-Cheungism : Based on certain aspects, but quit with the Shinto and traditional bullshit.



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