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    Aphobia is a non-quadrant ideology that discriminates against asexuals and aromantics. Usually, this is practiced by cultural right-wingers but can sometimes be practiced by members of the LGBTQ+ community that dont see aces as part of the LGBT Community.

    Another form it can take, is when people say that "Asexuality" doesn't exist and that not having a certain desire to something shouldn't be a label.

    Types of Aphobia

    Aphobia.png Ace-Inclusionary Anti-LGBTQIA+

    Ace-Inclusionary Anti-LGBTQIA+ Aphobia or A.I.A.L Aphobia is a type of aphobia that discriminates against asexuals due to them being part of the LGBTQIA+ community. This type of Aphobia is most commonly practiced by traditionalists and reactionaries.

    Ace-Exclusionary.png Ace-Exclusionary Pro-LGBTQIA+

    Ace-Exclusionary Pro-LGBTQIA+ Aphobia or A.E.P.L Aphobia is a type of aphobia that states that asexuals are not part of the LGBTQIA+ community and are just cishets in disguise. This tyle of aphobia is mainly practiced by some ultra progressives and LGBTQIA+ people.



    • Heternaz.png Heterosexuals - Sexual attraction is what makes people normal!
    • Ace-Exclusionary.png Ace-Exclusionists - You cant be part of the LGBTQIA+ community if you dont like sex!
    • Sexocracy.png Sexocracy - I LOVE SEX


    • Incel.png Incelism - You like sex, but have the wrong idea of it
    • Coomerismicon.png Coomerism - What I actually represent


    • Homophobia.png Homophobia - Why? Homosexuals are still normal because at least they have sexual attraction!
    • Gay.png Les.png Trans.png Ace-Inclusionists - ACES ARE NOT PART OF THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY!!!1!1!
    • SJW.webp SJW - You're gonna fucking regret protecting those aces- Wait, you hate them too?
    • Ace.png Asexuals - Sexual attraction is what makes people human! If you don't have it, you're a fucking weirdo
    • Neo-Bsaheedism-icon.png Neo-Bsaheedism - "tHe gOveRNment sHoulDnt dECIDe peoples sExualiTY" Yeah, about you shut the fuck up.
    • Waspicon.png Waspism - How can you be asexaul and bisexual at the same time? Go to a fucking school
    • Lex.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Lmao, look at this radical asexual. What a retard.
    • Nullball.png Nullism - This is what asexuality does to a mf
    • - A fucking Asexual who hates sex and cheese, no wonder he is so popular

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