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    Apecrime Theocracy is an ideology created and manifested by Polcompball user, comic artist, and German Wiki moderator Roxxagon. It is an ideology that builds on and seeks to return to a form of "proto-roxxagonian" thought, the thoughts, traditions and beliefs Roxxagon had in an early phase of his teenhood (Beginning around 2014).

    The ideology itself seeks to create a society in which most cultural values and civic structures are oriented around a strange german youtube channel called Apecrime. More speciffically their youtube series "Let's Draw", which it considers the holy gospel, because it used to be like really stupid but funny and it's kind of nostalgic now. It seeks to recreate the traditions and civic structure from back when its founder Roxxagon used to regularly watch them, and then expand those untooth all of society.

    The highest deiety in Apecrime Theocracy is a holy trifecta of three strange german men, named Andre, Jan and Cengiz.

    Beliefs and Practices

    Romantic Life:

    Apecrime Theocracy is pro-polygamy, a stance meant to reflects a line from the Apecrime song "Affengang" ('Monkey Gang'), which is considered a religious anthem:

    "Schuschuschuschubi du (uuuuuh) wärst gerne so, wie ich, ich, ich (iiiiich)

    Komme an mit meiner Hurencrew (Creeeeew) - und Opfer wir vernichten diiiiich"


    "Shushushushubi do (oooooh) you would like to be, like me, me, me (meeee)

    I show up with my hookercrew (Creeeeew) - and victim we will destroy youuuu"

    The same song also implies support for mandatory race mixing, another common position espoused by apecrime theocrats:

    "Scheiß auf Pferdeärsche, du bist mein Pavian

    Und auf dieser Abrissbirne ein nackter Taliban

    Ich bau' uns Raketen zum Planeten der Affen

    Da lassen wir uns nieder und vermischen die Rassen"


    "Shit on horse asses, you are my pavian

    And on this wrecking Ball a naked Taliban

    I will build us rockets to the planet of the apes

    There we settle down and mix the races"

    However, Apecrime Theocracy also seeks to impose a strict limit on allowed sexual acts, limited exclusively to those promoted in the gospel of Let's Draw. That includes the Hawaiiwelle and the Arschkriech-Double-Penetrator-Blowjob , the latter of which involves the female partner moving her head so far up the male partners colon that she pokes out of his mouth and fellates him simultaneously.

    The latter is also speculated to have inspired Roxxagons fetish for All the way through porn, though that is uncertain.

    Apecrime Theocracy also rejects most forms of political correctness. In fact, it encourages the usage of "Spast" ('Spastic') as an insult.


    A common ritual used by Apecrime Theocrats to identify themselves at public events is the "Schwanzdance" ('Dickdance') originating from Jan, a member of the holy trifecta, who first showcased it on a party in Germany.

    Apecrimeismball designed by Roxxagon. 6th of May 2021

    Literature and Theory

    The Apecrime Youtube Channel - Channel that the gospel stems from

    Let's Draw Playlist - The most "Orthodox" part of Apecrime. The media that birthed the connection between Roxxagonian thought and Apecrime, because it was really fucking funny.

    CHAOS LETS DRAW - A video documenting the first "Chaos Let's Draw", an important moment in the Apecrimean theory of history.

    Apecrimes page on Genius.com - Documantations and Interpretations of a lot of Apecrimes music

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