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    "If the principle of permanent residence for the Black man in the area of the white is accepted, then it is the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it in this country."

    Apartheid was a system adopted in South Africa from 1948 to 1990 that was based on racial separation whereby whites had the highest status, followed by Indians and mestizos, then blacks with the lowest status. Other hallmarks of apartheid were the prohibition of interracial marriage and racial segregation in public facilities and events.


    • Jan Smuts - Jan Smuts was the 2nd Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, he had a leading role in the creation of the Union of South Africa and together with Louis Botha, established the South African Party. One of the most striking things was the initiation of Apartheid and the ban on sales to Indians and descendants of Indians.

    According to historian W. E. B Du Bois, Smuts is "Jan Smuts is today, in its world aspects, the greatest protagonist of the white race. He is fighting to take control from Laurenço Marques of a nation he recognizes, although he does not realize , the equality of blacks; he is fighting to keep India from political and social equality in the empire; he is fighting to ensure the continued and eternal subordination of black to white in Africa;...". He is widely known for his internationalist and he has done much to defend and help the UN, especially as he sees it as a key to protecting white European imperial rule in Africa.

    • D.F. Malan - D.F. Malan was the 4th Prime Minister and former Minister of Interior, Education and Public Health and before coming to power, he had opposed South Africa's participation in WW2. He came to power in 1948, defeating Smuts in the elections, who as prime minister implemented apartheid and imposed racial laws, as well as being given dictatorial powers against black and Indian anti-apartheid movements.
    • Hendrik Verwoerd - Hendrik Verwoerd was the 6th prime minister and former minister of native affairs and had verbally supported Nazi Germany in World War II. He was the last Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, in which he founded the Republic of South Africa.

    In power he was widely known for increasing racial laws, expanding apartheid, increasing authoritarianism, as well as being an African Nationalist and Afrikaner Broederbond member. Black anti-apartheid organizations such as the African National Congress and the Pan-Africanist Congress were banned and several activists, such as future president Nelson Mandela, were arrested and made South Africa have one of the largest prison populations along with the increase in executions. His government had been accused of draconian laws, psychological intimidation and the security apparatus of the white state, among others, causing the UN to pass resolution 1761, in which it made an isolation and economic sanctions against South Africa in 1962. His term ended. after being stabbed multiple times in 1966, then dying.

    • B.J. Vorster - B.J. Vorster was the 4th president of South Africa, 7th prime minister and former minister of police and justice, in which he supervised the trial against Nelson Mandela, causing the then anti-activist to face life imprisonment. His government strongly adhered to Apartheid and completely abolished the policy of non-white representation and passed the Terrorism Act, as well as the Soweto uprising, in which black children were shot in an uprising.
    • P.W. Botha - P.W. Botha was the 6th president of South Africa, 8th prime minister, former parliamentarian and other ministerial positions.

    Even though South Africa was racist, he still liberalized some issues, such as legalizing interracial marriage, miscegenation, giving some limited rights to mestizos and Indians and allowing contacts with Nelson Mandela. Even with some liberal reforms, he still escalated violence against anti-apartheid and South Africa had the most brutal regime against opponents. He stated in 2006 that he is against black South Africans being inferior to whites.

    • Magnus Malan was a South African military and defense minister during the apartheid regime. At his request, organizations opposed to apartheid were considered terrorists (ACN AND SWAPO) and ordered the execution of several opponents and opponents. He ordered the army to quell political unrest, saying that one of its main goals would be to end the communist threat, believing that black movements are led by a revolutionary elite, also participating in wars in other African countries, also believing that liberal democracy is inadequate. Even though he was ethno-nationalist and had repressed black villages, he still supported a housing program for black people, but failed because of administrative struggles, he also supported programs to support middle-class blacks. He was accused along with other soldiers of participating in the KwaMakhutha massacre, in which 13 people died (7 children). He was also accused, along with businessman Dave Allen and ex-minister John Wiley, of a pedophilia ring, in which poor, non-white children were raped on an island in Algoa Bay, as revealed in the former's book "Lost Boys". -policeman Mark Minnie. Wiley and Minnie were found later.
    • Andries Treurnicht - Andries Treurnicht was a former leader of the Conservative Party, former leader of the National Party in the Transvaal, former President Afrikaner Broederbond, and former leader of the opposition in South Africa. He was once a member of parliament for the National Party in Transvaal, in which his educational policies ended up generating the Soweto massacre, also being a strong supporter of Apartheid, mixing Afrikaner Nationalism and Neo-Calvinism. As leader of the Conservative Party, he ended up leaving the Afrikaner Broederbond as he was unwelcome, opposed several PW Botha reforms, but in fact became a strong opponent of the end of apartheid caused by Klerk's FW, gaining white approval and receiving the nickname "Doctor No".

    Bantustans and Collaborators

    • Lennox Sebe - Lennox Sebe was the first president, former chief minister and responsible for the independence of the Ciskei Bantustan, also being the founder and leader of the National Independent Party Ciskei.

    As president, he ruled Ciskei with an iron fist, creating a dictatorship that persecuted opponents, unions (such as the Allied Workers Union of South Africa, banned in 1983), strikers and even some anti-government family members such as his brother Charles Sebe tried to overthrow him, but failed and was later arrested. After his prison break, Charles kidnapped Sebe's son in 1987, causing Sebe to release some politicians in return. He also had very close contact with Israel, creating a commercial office in Tel Aviv, he even claimed that Israell had given recognition to Ciskei, but the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied it.

    During a state visit to Hong Kong, Brigadier General Oupa Gqozo staged a coup d'état in 1990, being the penultimate president of Ciskei. After the presidency, he was accused of corruption and human rights violations.



    • Ethnocracy - All races must live separately to prevent chaos.
    • White Nationalism - The white race holds up the civilized world with his superior intellect over other inferior races.
    • Neoconservatism - P.W. Botha and Magnus Malan supported military interventions in other African countries to stop the spread of communism across the continent.
    • Reactionary Liberalism - Apartheid need to be brought back to South Africa after ANC ruined the country.
    • Rhodesian Nationalism - My more moderate northern cousin.
    • National Liberalism - Anders Lange was based!
    • Alt-Right - My modern followers who stand up against White Genocide and South African farm attacks.
    • Pahlavism - All I can say is he really knows how to party, a shame that the [REDACTED] got rid of you.
    • Zionism - Israel did have diplomatic relations with Apartheid South Africa. But I don't know why so many think we're the same, though.
    • Kahanism - What Israel should embrace.
    • Chiangism - Based Cold War ally.
    • Salazarism -
    • Pinochetism -
    • British Fascism - Based Britons who agree that multiculturalism only causes trouble and that forced racial segregation is needed to prevent the rise of communism. Mosley, Tyndall, and Birdwood even wanted to apply my model to the British Empire.

    Honorary Whites and Collaborators

    • Nazism - We’re not the same but I’d rather prefer it if you won WWII instead of the British and the Soviets.
    • Imperialism - Colonialism is based but I won’t forgive the British for what they did during the Boer Wars.
    • Nixonism and Kissingerism - Tar Baby option was a great initiative but Kissinger pressured me to betray my Rhodesian brother.
    • Conservative Neoliberalism - F. W. de Klerk backstabbed me and sold out South Africa to savage terrorists!!!
    • Fourth Theory - Your Third-Worldism is cringe but Alain de Benoist and Avigdor Eskin supported me and you also hate Britons.
    • Reaganism -


    • Mandelaism - You ruined South Africa you commie terrorist scum!
    • Black Nationalism - You should’ve stayed in Bantustans where you belong. Modern South Africa and Zimbabwe are proof that blacks can't rule themselves without the guidance of the white man.
    • Maoism - Damn you for funding soycialists across Africa.
    • Castroism -
    • Democratic Socialism - Stop calling for sanctions against me!
    • Gaddafism - Stop supporting the ANC damnit!
    • Ilminism - Why did you reject Koreans' status as honorary whites?
    • Nordic Model -

    Further Information



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