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    Antisexualism is an ideology is against sex. That believes that sex is an inherent negative and seek to criticize it in addition to changing society by getting rid of what they perceive as the "prosexual agenda". To this end, they wish for antisexualism to be the norm and for sexuals to lose their dominance over education, culture and society itself.


    Due to there being little information on Antisexuality on mainstream sites and most of the information scattered across the internet, it is hard to determine the exact beginning of Antisexuality. It is believed to have various incarnations born from religious groups such as the Skoptys, the Shakers and the International Peace Mission Movement. However, most of the notable Antisexuals throughout history have had varying religious beliefs with some being atheists. Modern day Antisexual groups such the International Antisexual Movement are non-religious, focusing more on the anti-sex aspects rather than the religious devotion.


    Despite what one would assume, Antisexuals are hostile to both left wing and right wing politics. They resent how the LGBT+ forced AVEN to bow to them, causing asexuals to lose a safe space for themselves in favour of fake asexuals who see it as their newest sexual fetish. However, they despise traditional purtians because antisexuals view them as hypocrites who believe in "antisexualism for thee, sex for me" while supressing everyone who doesn't fit their holier than thou views on sexual relations.

    Personality + Behavior

    Antisexualism has an ironside hatred for sex and those practice it, coming down hard on anyone they believe to be a "fake antisexual". This stems from how they feel that society has tried to erase them from history and explains why they wrongfully blame LGBT+ folk for sex-positivity. They have a dislike for transexualism, believing it to be another sexual fetish, though they'll accept antisex-transgenders.

    AVEN is their number one enemy due to it being a website that promotes what they consider to be "fake asexuality". They believe that asexuals have no interest in sex and that having sex makes you any sexuality but asexual. Antisexuals tend to be accused of being extreme versions of the asexual community and feel annoyed with having to explain that not liking sex is perfectly normal and that not everything needs to be sexual.


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    • IngSoc - Artsem, junior anti-sex league, and sexcrime is only for the party members but the proles have sexual liberty which isn't based!
    • Conservatism - (Sometime is good
    • Coomerism - Fake virgin!
    • Nullism - Wants to ban sex, not bad, but extreme.
    • Antinatalism - We are similar, but some anti-sexualists advocate asexual reproduction
    • Postgenderism - Abolition of gender is also a good solution.
    • Scott The Wozism - Fellow virgin! Are your a troll?
    • Horny Policism - are you a trol?
    • Feminism - Some of you see sex as a tool of patriarchal oppression, but others are pro-sexual. I still prefer gender erasure.
    • LGBTism - I am also against heteronormatism, but I am for the destruction of the concept of “sexual orientation”.
    • Nacrinism - my possible chance of actually getting into a political system, but he's got some other mixed opinions on me


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