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    Antisexual soulism is an off-compass LibLeft, culturally center-left ideology based on Soulism that sees sexual drive and libido as just other unjust restrictions put upon an individual, and a perfect example that the laws of physics and biology are oppressive. They seek to abolish sex completely and reproduce only through artificial means, as they see sex as another form of coercive hierarchy that the people would eventually naturally reject in an stateless society. Besides that, it agrees with Soulism on most issues, most notably communalist economics and the opposition to all forms of what they see as hierarchy (such as the State, capitalism, patriarchy, the laws of physics...). Unlike Soulism, however, they are skeptical of drugs as good way to escape these (since drugs are often linked to sex in popular culture) and generally advocate for what they consider more healthy and natural ways to reach Soulism's goals, such as lucid dreaming or VR reality. As such, they are usually more moderate than their non-antisexual counterpart, usually seen lying in the top right corner of off-compass LibLeft.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Antisexual Soulism is usually very nice and respectful towards other anarchist and libertarian ideologies, except, obviously, sexuals whom they are very often seen arguing with. Since they rarely ever drug themself, it is much easier for other ideologies to communicate with them (when they aren't sleeping, which is rare). They have a deep hatred for authoritarian and pro-sexual ideologies, whom they despise greatly and avoid the company at all costs. Antisexual Soulism uses they/them pronouns, as they believe that once biological sex and genitals are abolished, gender does not mean anything anymore and can be abolished as well.

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