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    Antiquitism is an original ideology created by Polcompball personality K-Tech, the ideology of Antiquitism is an ideology representing the Off-Compass of conservative thought. The doctrine of Antiquitism is one to be described as the unconditional conservation of heritage (meaning all that is inherited from one generation to another), as such antiquitism comes to the conclusion that therefore the entire world and everything it holds should be put within a museum literally everything.


    Antiquitism was originally created on the Polcompball Discord (now archived) by the user K-Tech as a proper ideology to represent Off-Compass conservatism, as a reaction to people using technological ideologies for off-compass cultural axes. As K-Tech's definition of "Conservatism" is "An Ideology which puts focus on the conservation of both material and immaterial heritage of a society" he put this took this principle to it's logical extreme; that being a society which is based around the institution of the museum, and making sure every single thing is put within a museum. Originally Antiqutism was to be named Omni-Conservatism, but the user Krowski proposed the term "Antiquitism", which was agreed to be better.

    On July 15th of 2020 K-Tech posted his ideology proposals on the r/newwackyideologies subreddit under the title of "Off-Compass Cultural Ideologies", under the post the user negligible_forces came up with the Anarchist versions of both Antiquitism and Noveltism on the r/Metaanarchy subreddit under the name "Make-your-own-anarchies Challenge!"

    Later in september of 2020 the user u/AHansHermannHoppeFan (now suspended), posted on the r/8valuesmemes subreddit an axes diagram with axes (Economic, Civic, Diplomatic, Cultural and Technological) on which the ideologies of Antiquitism and Noveltism where on the far ends of the cultural axis. This was later affirmed as the r/8valuesmemes subreddit went into an axes-making craze.

    Ideological Foundations

    Antiqutism like said before in the article is supposed to be the unconditional extreme of conservatism, in which everything that can be inherited is conserved no matter what even if it may cause harm. Antiqutism was largely based on the pre-existing beliefs of it's creator (that being that what is passed down from generation to generation is the building block of society and is effectively sacred) except exaggerated and lacking any nuance (for example, antiquism beliefs that every tradition should be conserved, even if that tradition is antagonistic to the concept of tradition itself. Something its creator would disapprove of). Because Antiquitism believes in the unconditional conservation of all heritage, the logical consequence of Antiquitism is the turning of entire societies into museums.

    It is important to note that Antiquitism is not opposed to technology as technology is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. Making ideologies like Primalism or Anarcho-Primitivism opposed to Antiqutism.

    How to Draw

    The symbol of Antiquitism is a Podium, which is a piece of furniture on which things are displayed (like they would be in a museum). Upon the podium sit a circle of two arrows, symbolising the repetition of customs and conservation; the arrows are pointed counter-clockwise to symbolise the focus on the past.

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Fill it black.
    3. On the bottom of the ball draw a podium in blue.
    4. On the podium draw a circle made of two arrows which point counter-clockwise, also in blue.

    And you should be done.


    Antiquitism as a character may be personified as a massive hoarder.




    • Conservatism - Also like traditions, but what had thou conserved?


    Further Info

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