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    Not to be confused with Antifurry.png Anti-Fur.

    Antifur is a left-wing political stance in the Furry Fandom primarily comprised of furry SJW.webp SJWs. It agrees with the politics of Antifa.png Antifa, but also applies its political alignment strongly into the furry fandom. This leads it to strongly detest any furry slightly in opposition to its values (sometimes known as Altfur.png Alt-Furries) and ostracize them, sometimes bringing on Pcba twit.png The Hive to attack and harass them.


    Antifur believes that fascists are infiltrating the furry fandom and they should be kicked out. It also believes that Fash.png fascism and sometimes Cap.png capitalism shouldn't be in the government, and that furries should be leaders of society.

    Personality and Behavior

    Antifur is a left LARPer with a Twitter addiction. It is extremely progressive and LGBT, and is infuriated by people that do not share their opinion. For that reason, other ideologies think Antifur is extremely cringe, except for left-wing furries.

    How to Draw

    Antifa design

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it ears and a tail.
    3. Color it all black.
    4. Color the insides of the ear red.
    5. Draw a white circle with the Antifa emblem in the center of the ball.
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done UWU!

    Tifa design

    1. Draw a ball and color it red.
    2. Give it ears and a tail.
    3. Color the ball and tail red. Color the tip of the tail white.
    4. Color the ears black, with pink tufts.
    5. Draw a black paw in the center.
    6. Draw three southwest-facing arrows over the paw, using white.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done UWU!




    • Foxite mini.png Foxiteism - We agree with furry degeneracy, but you're also kind of a nazi.


    • Nazfur.png Furry Nazism - NAZIS STAY OUT OF THE FURRY FANDOM!
    • Furconfed.png Furry Confederatism - F*ck you racist. I will destroy your fursuit!
    • Altfur.png Alt-Furry - Nazis! All of you! Let me enjoy Twitter without being TRIGGERED!
    • Apfur.png Furry Apoliticism - You just want to do your own thing while nazi hoards run rampant in the fandom? You might as well be one of them!

    Further Info


    Know Your Meme

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