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    Antifa Fascism is a variant of Fash.png Fascism dedicated to the eradication of Fascism. Unlike normal Antifa.png Antifa members, Antifa Fascists fully embrace being "the real fascists" as a necessary evil to counter the Altr.png Alt-Right.

    It seeks to create a Totalitarian.png totalitarian, anti-free speech society devoid of fascism and bigotry through the use of violent terrorism and insurrection. However, unlike normal Fash.png Fascism the power of the totalitarian state is not centralized in the hands of a Parti.png Party or Auto.png Individual, but is rather distributed between autonomous, revolutionary individuals. This means that it utilizes a form of totalitarian Ochlo.png Ochlocracy or Antot.png Anarcho-Totalitarianism where the people, fuled by the revolutionary spirit of Fash.png Fascism, act in the interest of the absolute state without it having to enforce anything.

    Just like normal Fash.png Fascism it is Ultranat.png Ultranationalistsic, but for a different reason. It sees its own nation as the only nation which is free from bigotry, reaction and other forms of fascism. Because of this, it holds its own Nation.png nation, its Polnat.png political system and Cultnat.png progressive culture to such a high regard that it becomes ultranationalistic. It could be likened to that of PCB-Progressiv Fascism Icon.png Progressive Fascism where it is both chauvinistic and woke at the same time.

    It, like Fash.png Fascism, absolutely worships violence and militarism as not only a means to an end, but also a good in and off itself. Violence is the pure embodyment of the revolution and is therefore an absolute good. If the people were to abandon violence and become weak and lazy then a React.png counter-revolution could occur. It also loves to use extreme violence to reach all its goals and defeat the political opposition.





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