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    Antidemocratic Hippieism , short AH, also Absolute Organism, is a Culturally good-mannered but Libertarian, Economically Center-Left, Governmentally Semi-Authoritarian, Anti-Agitationist, Technologically Conservative, and Environmentalist ideology that sees hippie culture as the superior lifestyle bc it's the only culture based on positive-energy-morality and constructiveness including consensual hedonism, intellectual and subtle diplomacy, and deep ecosystem worship.

    In general, Antidemocratic Hippieism can be summed up as a combination of Gaian Fascism and the traditional hippie goal of achieving Eco-Anarchism.

    Its primary goal is to ensure life quality through by pursuing the positive-energy-morality in terms of sociological betterment, free but reflected individual development and healthy ecosystems. Sociological betterment is to be achieved by public education and training. The approach can be described as a National Palingenesis inducing a national single culture of hippie aesthetics, good manners, (nonradical) feminist and anarchist social structures, and a high quality community.

    Technologically is AH a form of Neoluddism and undoes a big part of the industrial revolution and goes back to like western 1980s, but without airlines or cars. Instead even more solar panels and trains.

    Living circumstances have to be changed to green decentralized villages/communes like Libertarian Municipalism in order to achieve a balanced life considering Bioregionalism and decreasing toxic anonymity in cities (as described by Max Weber in "spirit of capitalism").


    Antidemocratic Hippieism is determined with Anti-Democracy bc first, it's morally universalist and second, it sees that due to fears, envy and easy influence on masses, democracy tends to cheap values inside agitating populism, leading to a manipulative marketing based political landscape lowering both the importance of political contents and the political competence of the people. Even Direct Democracy can lead to manipulative arguments in debates, overidentification with certain standpoints or diplomatic group seperation.

    That's why AH prefers a benelovent dictatorship lead by a vanguard party council with the character of Gaian Fascism. That council of equals controls itself on corruption and keeps abstinence from oppressive behaviour like mass surveillance or censorship. As soon as there are no significant threats from outside and the people are socially qualified, that vanguard lead can and shall turn into an anarchist Circle Democracy in which communes, delegated regional circles and delegated national circles find solutions with advanced communication methods on nearly consent level.


    Antidemocratic Hippieism is economically center-left, protectionist and wants materialistic degrowth for environmental reasons as well as (non-welfare) Market Socialism or Left-Wing Market Anarchism, which can be described as a free market with collective productive property, with tradeable private nonproductive property and without rich people that would naturally oppress others by financial coercion and imbalance on the organic market. The desired economy contains a classless society with worker cooperatives, (often agrarian) commune syndicates, wealth limits and progressive wealth taxes (preferred as main or only tax). As soon as that's established, there is no more danger from private property rights and unrestricted free pricing. Private property and free pricing then secure order (right of disposal) and product value justice (subjective organic price evaluation). After the turn into green communes and some time of wealth taxation as well as wealth limitation, there would stay little left to tax from excessive wealth, so the government has to introduce a VAT on the products of the few industry hubs which produce the most efficient industrial necessities for the people. The tax money is needed for the national rail service which is the only common way of transport (for both, people and goods) as well as for support regarding schools, infrastructure planning, intercommunal communication plattforms, policing and sociological coaching. The farmers markets stay untaxed and remain as Agrarian Anarchism regarding both, food and handcrafted other goods.

    A valuable alternative to AH's favorite economic approach is, as long as the vanguard government exists, the fascist idea of Social Corporatism which can be described as a social market economy in which economic classes exist, but only for organizational reasons. The classes collaborate, redistribute wealth until classes don't make a difference in well-being and they are not hereditary which means that also education has to be 100% public.


    Antidemocratic Hippieism pursues sociological betterment in a national single culture as described in the introduction, but does that very consequently like Gaian Fascism and Progressive Fascism do, including behavioral immigration requirements and ignorance of opposition regarding the culture. That sociological betterment includes safe space for radical but nonviolent honesty, harsh collective discrimination against vile bully behavior, situational isolation of contentiousness, fair division of communicative space and attention, conscious and controlled approach to natural psychedelics (other drugs should be banned), self reflection, questioning social constructs, circle way techniques, nonhierarchical microsociology, individualist organic education according to Maria Montessori and Rudolph Steiner, Sexual Liberationism (no slut shaming), Altruistic Hedonism (validation of nonviolent desires), freedom from stress and freedom from protestant materialism to make its people qualified for an anarchist society. Even though there are a lot of common goals, AH doesn't want to be confused with SJW as far as their approach uses a different way of reasoning and has a completely different vibe overall. In comparison to normal Leftism and SJW, AH tries to normalize the existence of non binary people and transgenders instead of recognizing all 10.000 genders, dislikes drag queen aesthetics, defends cultural appropriation as an enrichment instead of shaming it (AH is also known for wearing dreadlocks as a white person), is spiritual, prefers cottagecore instead of cyberpunk, and is in philosophy generally rather based on either Gaia worship or Ego-Mutualism than on obligating altruism.

    Ideological Diplomacy

    Antidemocratic Hippieism is pro Class Dealignment and opposes class conflict aka Marxism as well as its capitalist counterpart Liberalism. Thereby it shares another value with Fascism (even though it dislikes most fascists) and Post-Left Anarchy and can be seen as a mixture of them in taking that third position like Post-Fascism.


    Antidemocratic Hippieism values everything that grows peacefully and with fertility. If it's plants, landscapes, personalities, communities, psychology, markets... doesn't matter, but it has to be neither destructive nor corrupted. That's why AH prefers the environment above some parts of the industry, fights the war on bullying, keeps the market free from rich people and has circle democracy instead of populism. Like Libertarian Fascism, AH also tries to save the nation from actually oppressive opinions and agitations. Summed up, AH makes everything constructive and energetically positive and peaceful bloom and disallows the opposite.


    Me, the author of this page, was inspired most by the elves and hobbits of Lord of the Rings and some experience in a great hippie commune. I also feel quite aligned with the Bavarian musician Hans Söllner and Shoe Rebelism, respectively the Austrian political candidate Heinrich Staudinger.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Antidemocratic Hippieism
    1. Draw a circle
    2. Fill it with #42BD00
    3. Draw eyes
    4. Draw a black eagle
    5. Draw a flower crown
    6. Draw a Gaia symbol in the eagle, and you're done!


    Antidemocratic Hippieism






    Ricardian Socialism 95.3%
    Personality Type: INFJ-T.

    Political Evolution

    Raised by green parents + +
    Started with antipaternalism into politics. Fan of Rothbard, Friedman and Hayek. + +
    Realized the cruel dangers of unregulated capitalism for individuals + +
    Created Geoanarchism from mind and called it "Anarcho lifted marketism" bc of purchasing power by saving rent +
    Defined myself "Green Libcenter" and wrote a book, especially to rage against common political wording and populism + +
    Constructed my ideology in detail while learning that sociology can be more oppressive than the government + +


    Polyamorous Partners


    • Austrofascism - Thanks for protecting the nation from insane populists on either side, choosing Mussolini instead of Hitler or Stalin and giving agriculture its value back. But your reactionary culture definitely needs an intellectual and feminist improvement.
    • Eco-Terrorism - The revolution that we need, but normally violence is disgusting.
    • Libertarian Fascism - I fully agree on your idea, but you seem to be a bit right wing and you don't see what has to be done.


    • Anti-Environmentalism - Come to the forest. I only want to talk...
    • Capitalism - Your competitive vibe, greed and materialism destroyed humanity.
    • Marxism - Materialistic and not even good in it, full of lumpen culture, agitates classes, is insane and an enemy to great development.
    • Nazism - Good that I recently planted new trees, so you bullying populists can get hung up.
    • Populism - Hysterical manipulative politics for the stupid are stupid politics.
    • Multiculturalism - What is a perfect commune when the neighbor commune rapes and bullies?
    • Conservatism - How can you not see the damage you've done to society? To a man's softness? To a woman's self esteem? To creativity of the children?

    Relationships to self-inserts


    • BasedSnowFlakeism - Indeed very based. Only naturecore is missing. 9/10.
    • HEW Thought - Based brazilian, based syndicalist economy, based authoritarian antinazist, based technologically conservative, based assimilationist, but cringe anti hedonist even though I agree that most drugs, addictions and traditional shallow porn should be eradicated. Btw you'd love Austrofascism. 8.5/10.
    • Phill Tchaikovskism - Not much input, but good concept. 8/10.


    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - I think that we're a lot alike in many things. We're moderate authlefts, antinazi authies, Mussolini accused and in some way Perónists. We differ the most in terms of technology and culture. While I believe in reduced industrialism and positive energy hedonism with sociological critical theory, you believe in futurist technology and cultural semi-conservatism. 7/10.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - First self-insert that I came across that I really liked bc it's professional and pretty close to my libertarian side. The approach to postleft like postgenderism and egomutualist philosophy is great, environmentalism is great... Just a bit too close to marxism and transhumanism and there is an "illegalism" in your praxis (That's actually quite a lot). But I think that you won't need a palingenesis. 7/10.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - I didn't know there are so many words to describe the average moderate libleft. In a common western democracy I would likely vote for you bc you'd be the average green party. 7/10.
    • Schumacherianism - Even though we're quite opposite on the compass, I like a lot about your page. You're too deep into ancap business and darwinism, but technological conservatism is based, a lot of philosophy like the abortion or deep ecology stances, the buddhist approach, and especially above all the antipopulist minarchist dictatorship. 6/10.
    • PLAnarkism - Postleft and antiliberalism are based, but the "proudly being unprofessional" lumpen vibe and illegalism are extremely cringe. But thanks for revitalizing PCBA. 2/10.
      • How could i be professional if i reject profession?*smug*

    No, rather not

    • Heredism - Marxist and transhumanist. But there's hope in the approach to authoritarian progressivism. 3/10.
    • File:Palaism Palaism - Racist, darwinist, hoppean, patriachal... pretty much pro everything that makes people feel bad except nature. 0/10 anyway.


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