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    Anti-Atlanticism, (or known as Anti-NATO), is a non-quadrant anti-ideology that strongly opposes NATO and other pro- Atlanticist influences, and more specifically, Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, and Third Way. In context, it is synonymously called Anti-Westernism because of its opposition to the social-cultural agenda pushed by what the West sees as socially or culturally acceptable and unacceptable in other civilizations. In politics, it claims to be “anti-Imperialist”, claiming that Western society is solely responsible for the majority of world conflicts happening today, since the discovery of the New World then on, and cheers on the rest of the world to challenge this exploitation, hence why it is generally supportive of Russia and China. This includes anti-interventionists in western countries.



    • Sollism - Based for wanting to embargo Arcasia for its evil attempt to imperialize Sordland.
    • Anti-Imperialism - Down with imperialism! as long as it's the West doing it, conquering a Western puppet state is ok with me
    • National Communism - Ho Chi Minh, Castro and the Kims are based heroes for resisting NATO hegemony.
    • Democratic Socialism - Rest in peace Allende! Death to Pinochet! We know that NATO always starts pointless wars in the name of democracy! I would call you "a true democracy lover"
    • Socialism of the 21st Century - Solidatary to Chavez, Maduro, Castro and Evo! True companions and patriots who stood up for Latin America!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Based for fighting against the west.
    • Tridemism - Sun Yat-sen was epic. Shame Ch*ang betrayed everything he believed in.
    • Marhaenism - Shame that murderous NATO aided Suharto in his coup against you and supported mass killings. You're one based Indonesian! Death to NATO!
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - A proof you can outlast and overcome any western aggression if you're persistent enough.
    • Juche - The reason North Korea is being sanctioned by the west is because they want to be economically independent.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Brought China into prosperity by not following the Western script. Good job on keeping foreign influence out and thanks definitely for not intervening in most foreign affairs. Necons can slander you all they want, but you've proven to be a strong counterbalance and ally that brought cooperation to underdeveloped nations, while the West brought bombs.
    • Lukashenkoism - Long live the Father of independent Belarus!
    • Yanukovychism - It's a shame the fascist Euromadians overthrew you...
    • Putinism - You're doing a great job now! Glory to Russia! Hypocrisy that people call you an imperialist, but I see you as a liberator!
    • Khomeinism - You too! Marg bar Âmrikâ!
    • Saddamism - Glory to the Land of Two Rivers!
    • Gaddafism - Free Libya is Green Libya!
    • Talibanism - Thanks for freeing Afghanistan!
    • Pan-Africanism & African Socialism - Africa must rise up and free itself from Neocolonialism! Here, take these economic loans from China and Russian militias, and you'll be secure and propserous in no time.
    • Fourth Theory - Anti-Westernism as a ideology? Extremely based.
    • National Bolshevism - Very similar to the above, fascists and communists should've joined their forces against the common enemy.
    • Tokugawa Model - Japan was right to fear the Atlanticist powers for taking advantage of a peaceful nation. Better than what Japan has now.
    • Anti-Zionism - Israel is a colonial proxy state of NATO. #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea!
    • Bismarckism - One good right-wing German, I long for the day when you come back and lead Germany on her Sonderweg again.
    • Sahra Wagenknecht Thought - One good left-wing German, your cake in the face was undeserved.
    • Mélenchonism - Carrying on the flag of the Free French. Vive la 6ème République!
    • Powellism - One good right-wing Brit, I still wish you became the PM and pulled a De Gaulle to collapse the Beast.
    • Corbynism - One good left-wing Brit. Pity you didn't get into Downing Street 10 back in '19.
    • Gallowayism - Another great alternative to sellouts like Blair and Starmer. #GoRESPECT! #GoWPGB!
    • Paleoconservatism - Really glad to see Americans on the right that have the guts to oppose those Neocucks. Hope you can withdraw the US from NATO because we have no business fighting a war in Ukraine. Looking forward to Tucker becoming POTUS.
    • Dr. Westism - Finally, a progressive American I like.
    • Sandersism - No more pointless wars! Why are you shilling out to Biden?
    • Chomskyism - Better than the last one, though you're still too soft on the Sleepy Joe.
    • Orbanism - You're a NATO member, but you have the balls to stand up against the US and the EU. For that, you have my respect.


    • Anti-Americanism - I hate the US government, American foregin policy, I hate NATO, I hate interventionists, but that doesn't mean I should hate the people...
    • Showa Statism - That GEACPS idea sounded pretty good in theory, but you really did your best to shoot yourself in the foot while attempting to realize it. And why did you have to whack him?
    • New Deal Liberalism - FDR was... kind of tolerable (and the Four Policemen idea was not as bad as what we ended up with), but after his death everything went downhill.
    • Rockefeller Republicanism - Ike did right to oppose the Suez War and the rise of the military-industrial complex, but I'll never forgive him for couping Mossadegh and Arbenz.
    • Gaullism - I wish you'd fully withdrawn from the Organized Thralldom for American Nazis, instead of simply suspending your membership...
    • Kemalism - Kemal should have honored his pro-Soviet promises, but your leftist variants are good and opposed NATO and western-backed fascists in the 1970s Turkish political violence, same for Ecevit opposing the Iraq War in 2003. But why did you reapproach NATO in the 1940s and became a western puppet?
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Your construction of Turkish domestic defense manufacturing is good and so is your departure from the US and the EU on foreign policy since 2016, unlike your liberal and Kemalist predecessors. However, you should completely withdraw from NATO and your support of the admissions of Sweden and Finand in NATO is cringe.
    • Nazarbayevism - You're a friend of Russia, but please cut it out with NATO before it's too late.
    • Pantheonism - He wants to abolish NATO eventually but he currently supports them and makes fun of me!
    • EWBR2006 Thought - I don't know. You are opposed to imperialism, including western imperialism, though you do tend to flirt with western ideologies, though you are opposed to some of their foreign policies.
      • : Look, I don't like imperialism in general, including anti-western imperialism. I just want world peace.


    • Atlanticism - To hell with you! The Nazi American Terrorist Organization is nothing more than a warmongering alliance that wants to impose an NWO on independent nations.
    • Pro-Westernism - So-called “free world” overthrowing governments in Latin America when they elect a socialist in power and replace the government with a right-wing military junta.
    • Neoconservatism - You are everything I oppose. May history condemn you and go to hell!
    • Neoconservative Nazism - This is just neocon again innit.
    • American Theory - A more extreme version of the guy above? Oh, fu-
    • Ingsoc - Aren't you just the two guys above?
    • Neoliberalism - You exploited the third world to death for your corporate gains!
    • Third Way - A genocidal pig with a human face is still a genocidal pig.
    • Churchillism - 'Special Relationship'? How about no?
    • LBJ Progressivism - How many Vietnamese kids have you killed today?
    • Neo-Libertarianism - Why can't you just die already?
    • Nordic Model - As of 2024 all Nordic countries have sold themselves out to NATO.
    • Salazarism and Francoism - How did selling yourself out to NATO work out for you?
    • Zionism - You simp to the Atlanticists! Also, Free Palestine!
    • Saakashvilism and Zelenskyism - NATO puppets of Georgia and Ukraine who commit genocide on Russian minorities. I hope Russia re-conquer both your countries.
    • Pinochetism - You explain everything I hate about Western foreign policy. Since you couped Allende all you have done was ruin your country and serve the interests of American neolibs.
    • Fujimorism, Banzerism, Stroessnerism, Videlaism - All of you are only proving my point.
    • Mobutism - Perfect example of how to successfully ruin a country.
    • Omegaism - Unironically likes the West, the USA, the EU and NATO 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀. At least you criticize them certain times, but that isn't enough. You used to be cooler anyway.

    • BERNHEism - M̶̨̧̛̟̻̼̄͐̀̇̈̉̈̋̋̓̑̀y̴̺͌̀̀͒̈́̐̾͐́ ̷̨̫̹̩̩̝̞͕̮̮̲̙̠̝̏̈̓͂́́̀ͅĞ̴̖͖͈̰̦̎̃͝ö̷̥̮̟̠́̾͛̀̔͑͛͗̿͐͒̀͂̍̊d̷͉̼̘̙̑̎́̿̀̚͝.̵̧̡̝̯̫̹̠̣̦̣̝͌̀̽̆̀͂́̓̉̒͒́͝ͅ

    • - What the fuck is this?
    • - O̸̡̲̟̜̳̠̤̖͓͓͚̞̜͍͎̭͙͚̙̝̝̾̽̈̈͜͠h̷̡̡̧̤͔̼͎̠̠̠̩͚̝̑̇̓́͒̑̐̊̓̊͑͛̌͑͊̽̃͒͑̓̀̾̎̎̅̚͘͝͠͝ ̸̢̢̛̤̠͕̯͉͉͕̫̗̜͍̮̱̭͆̃̌̃̅̉̾͗̔̎̂͂͑͑̎̆̕͜͜͜͜͝ͅm̶̖͊̎̄̄̈̾͂̎̂́̈́̅̈̑̆̍́̇̑̂͋̍́̿̚̚͝͠͝y̵̛̥̠͙̩̞̒̒̈̉͒͒́̑͛̈́̿̋̀̾̉͑͆͑̃̆̎̂̂̄͌̕͜͠͠ ̷̡̦̗͈͔͍̱̤̩̻̙̦̙̘̳̞̌̆̒̓̈́́̕͘ͅg̵̢̨̛̛̳̝̗̖̣͍̟̅̅̋͗́̓͋́̐̋̿̃͐͊͆̐͑̕̚̕͝͝͠ő̸̢̨̡͍͎̱̤̩͈̣̙͕̜̤̗̝̭͇̩͔̄͜͜͠d̶̡̹͓͖̥̠̼͖͑̓̈́̃̀

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