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    Anti-Unicornism, or Bear Nationalism, is a culturally right-wing, economically right-wing and religious ideology based on the French-Spanish film Unicorn wars, which deals with a war between unicorns and bears, this ideology is quite influenced by a strong speciesism and a nationalism of an extreme species in addition to being very religious and promoting an ultranationalist and anti-unicorn military fascism.


    This ideology is based on its origin when, after the bears found the place where a sacred book was located, they would begin to read it and obtain knowledge, forming a civilization, later the unicorns would throw them out of the forest after a war between bears and unicorns, which caused the resentment of the bear towards the unicorn to be maintained for a thousand or thousands of years, later thousands or a thousand years after Colonel Otto, General Fluffy and Captain Hocicos rose to power, who promote bear ultranationalism and the same hatred towards unicorns, later the character nicknamed Padre promotes the same ideal of anti-unicornism but with extreme religious values, after the recruitment of soldiers among them one named azulin after going on a mission ends up tremendously injured and this later in the hospital is promoted to lieutenant, then later organizes and leads a coup that ends with the death of the high military commanders and then the sacred war begins where the entire bear army faces the unicorns ending in the death of all unicorns except Maria and the death of most of the bear soldiers, also surviving azulin and her brother gordi, later azulin kills his brother and kills the last unicorn drinking his blood but after this a shapeless monster is formed that consumes azulin, gordi and thus the human is born.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Anti-Unicornism
    1. Draw a light red ball.
    2. draw a black heart in the center
    3. add an eye similar to IngSoc in the middle of the heart
    4. (Optional) Draw Colonel Otto's cap from Unicorn Wars, which is black with a light pink heart on the top
    5. Draw eyes.

    Anti-Unicorn Flag version

    Anti-Unicorn Alternate Flag version
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. draw a black unicorn with a purple eye in center
    3. then color the surroundings red and form the crossed out circle inside the ball
    4. draw bear ears on top of the ball and color them red and white
    5. Draw in the eyes.



    • Militarism - As long as there is war, we will stay in power.
    • Clerical Fascism - we will exert power against the unicorns because we believe that we are the chosen ones
    • Nazi - Kill the (((Unicorn)))
    • Fascism - the power of high command bear wields power and glory to his people
    • Speciesism - Death to the Unicorn!!!
    • Species Nationalism - bears are the species chosen by god
    • Theocratism - long live the cuddly heart
    • Stratocracy - The higher ups stay in control and rule with an iron fist


    • Azulin Thought - Good recruit, who deserves to be promoted to lieutenant, but what is that about burning the forest?


    • Climate Skepticism - No way! It's forbidden!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Anyone who disobeys the high command is a traitor
    • Unicorn Nationalism - My worst enemy, the beast, the eternal enemy of God, the envious unicorn that always impedes and impeded our advance towards the forest and its recovery, it's good that later azulin exterminated your inferior species hahaha
    • Satanic Theocracy - aren't you supposed to be the unicorn by another name?

    Further Information

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