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    Anti Twitterism is a general negative attitude against Twitter as a platform or against it's general community. There are many reasons why people might hate twitter which is the reason why this is generally Non-Quadrant.


    There are two main reasons why people generally hate Twitter either because of it's community or because of the platform.


    The reason most people generally hate the community because it's apparently full of SJW While most people who cry about the community are generally culurally right there is also a good potion of moderates and even some progressives who oppose the twitter community. Common critics are usually cancle culture, discrimination against white, heter, cis males and more broadly that it's just toxic.



    There are generally two types of people who hate the platform. There's the Libertarian kind that generally opposes the structure and TOS of Twitter for libertarian reasosns and then there are the people who oppose the platform because they or one of their idols got banned one good example being Donald Trump and his followers.


    Many people do not like the “new” Twitter, for the new verification check and restrictions/rules, the rate limiting, the layoff of staff/workers, and the API restrictions.

    Personality and Behavior

    Anti-Twitterism absolutely hates twitter. He likes to hang a lot out with Libertarians and right wingers most of the time. He likes to break Twitter TOS like spamming racial slurs and gets pissed afterwards when he gets banned.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a white ball.
    2. Draw the Twitter logo on it.
    3. Cross through it with a big red straight line.
    4. Add some eyes and then you're done.





    • Big Techism - Twitter is your fault to beginn with!
    • Twitterism - You're the thing I seek to destroy!
    • SJW - You're one of the reasons why Twitter sucks in the first place!!
    • Ingsoc - Literally twitter!

    Proponents (you can add yourself)

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