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    Anti-Totalitarianism is an ideology the main goal of which is to destroy totalitarianism and create a wonderful world. Usually, it is the belief of angry people who are oppressed.


    Anti-Totalitarianism is usually anger and hates Totards or other Dictators. Spreading Liberty ideology to that Totards.



    • Democratic Socialism - Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, as I understand it. - George Orwell-
    • Celfloskyism - You want to realize my theory and crusade them.
    • Template:NameChirotesla - Your hate of Totards is good, but you might be too statist for my liking. The good thing is, he wants to preserve liberty and protect the citizens. We might need a strong state to fight totards in martial times.
    • Syncretic Tridemism - A bit too statist, but overall still very based for your firm anti-totalitarian stance.
    • Pantheonism - Your ideas seem pretty good.
    • Omegaism - Defending Liberal Democracy against Totalitarian scumbags is very based.
    • Auth-Anti Totalitarianism - Although you are an authoritarian, but at least you know how to use your power correctly.
    • Anti-Dengism - Based. Basically me but Chinese.


    • Tridemism - Based for opposing the communists, but you simps for dictators too much and you are too close to the totalitarian genocidal CCP in nowadays.


    • Ingsoc - Even worse than other totards! Ready to get nuked?
    • Stalinism - You mother fucker is just as oppressive as the above, like what Orwell said.
    • Nazism - Very genocidal totards! I am glad that you are gone after WW2! Well, mostly, except Neo-Nazis.
    • Juche - Ethnocentric totalitarian tyrant! Die!
    • Maoism - Genocidal totalitarian communist maniac! Fuck off!!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Chinese Nazbol, get your hands off Taiwan, South China Sea, and stop genociding Uyghurs!!!
    • Khomenism - Woman Life Freedom!
    • Putinism - Before the 2022 Invasion you were somewhat tolerable but you went down really fast. REMOVE Z!
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