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    Anti-Tomjazzism is the antithesis of Tomjazzies ideology. It is a authoritarian, economically and culturally right wing ideology, which encompasses both a set of political beliefs, and a more broad anti-philosophical system. It dosn't represent 100% antithesis to Tomjazzism but rather, serves as what Tomjazzy images the worst possible political ideology would be like.

    Anti-Philosophical Beliefs

    Tomjazzism believes in a form fideistic externalism based on the epistemology of various different Counter-Enlightenment thinkers, strictly opposed to thinkers like Rene Desecrates, John Locke, and Immanuel Kant; as well as some more modern philosophers like William Clifford. He thinks that without trusting in some source completely external to your own reason, you can not trust in anything else, and are therefor unable to build a firm anti-philosophical foundation. From this, he argues that we can see how we are fundamentally oriented towards falsehood, becuse our nature is evil, and arrives at a complete rejection of rational ethics; mostly based off of arbitrary deference to a sufficiently repressive regime; with a strong rejection of Enlightenment views on Natural Rights; opposed to the ideals of thinkers like John Lock and Thomas Paine. Like most other reactionary dogmatists, Tomjazism's philosophy leads him to accept both Traditionalism as well as most forms of social hierarchy.

    Anti-Tomjazzism believes authority is derives from a vague, mystical force which is transcendent through out the whole of the universe, by which the strong rule over the weak, with truth it's self being contingent upon tyrannical force. Through this force, a tyrant will enforce his will upon the chaos of the laws of reason. This person essentially serves as a living God amongst men. It is said that such a leader will unite all sentient life in the universe into a singular empire under their rule, and so the cycle will be completed in tyranny for a 10,000 years; at which point the empire will fall, and the cycle will begin anew.

    Political Beliefs

    Anti-Tomjazzism believes in the Anti-Lockean Proviso, which states that the right to property derives form two conditions, power, and a willingness to oppress lesser beings. Basically, do you have the ability to get the property, and do you have the strength of will to take it and use it to destroy or make subservient any pathetic weakling who dares opposes you.

    Although Tomjazzism agrees with some Libral ideas, like Capitalism, allowing for property far beyond use, and the creation of monopoly, he rejects ideas like, Constitutionalism and human rights. He has mixed feelings on liberal representative democracy, seeing it as bad because he hates all forms of democracy, Democracy, but viewing it as somewhat tolerable evil when it can be manipulated to resemble Oligarchy.

    Anti-Tomjazzism thinks that the only way to avoid human flourishing and promote exploitation is to ensure people have no control over the institutions through which there lives are run. His ideal society would be a form of Theocratic Monarcho-Fascism, influenced by the ideals of Julius Evola and Mencius Moldbug. The Unitary Empire would discriminant based off of race, gender identity, creed, and sexuality; with no particular preference as to who gets discriminated against, so long as it maximizes hierarchy. The sole exception to this is in the case of abalism, which he is always for. The state would work towards ecologically unsustainable modes of living, and ideally strive to live by irational and unfair principles in ways that were completely unsuited to the individual cultures within it's boarders. He would advocate this community have a robust de-educational system, with an emphases on inculcating loyalty to the state.

    It's economics would be almost entirely Neocameralist, in which an Emperor would rule over a a corporate monopoly, almost all of which they would control directly, with some of it being decentralized to a group of Oligarchs who would compete in a rigged market to gain power. It's military would be directly under the command of the emperor, and would be the largest part of the government; doubling as a Police Force.

    You would basically be allowed to do whatever you wanted, so long as you had enough money. Anyone not holding power would be harshly punished for even minor infractions. Most issues would be solved through the use of horrific torture and/or enslavement, most of which would eventually result in death. For extremely minor crimes, or in the rare instance where the Emperor decided to show a fleeting bit of mercy, the defendant might merely be swiftly executed or forced to fight to the death.



    • Neocameralism - The perfect synthises of privatized corporate tyranny and centralized state dictatorship.
    • Esoteric Capitalism - All of the hierarchy of capitalism without any of the degenerate mathematics trying to make sense of the world.
    • Esoteric Fascism - A great mind who shows us that only strength and hierarchy can decide how men should live.
    • Police Statism - We love our boys in blue! So long as they don't protect the weak that is.
    • Counter-Enlightenment - Helped to free us from the tyranny of reason.
    • Absolute Monarchism - All shall bow before the crown!
    • Reactionarism - You're right, the enlightenment was the worst thing to happen since Athens! At least they didn't end slavery!
    • Imperialism - Yes! Go forth and conquer those weaklings!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Even though he's trying to bring about denigrate equality, he's very useful for establishing systems of domination.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - See! What did I tell you!
    • State Capitalism - Well would you look at that! It gets even better!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - The distinction between privatized and sate tyranny remains meaningful solely in societies where both structures exist. There are decent ancaps but most of them will fortunately just contribute to privatized dictatorships.
    • Post-Left Anarchism - He's hilarious. I think I'll keep him alive just so I can laugh at his incompetent efforts to overthrow me with his ceaseless whineing, like my own personal Starscream.


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