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    The Anti-Swag Corporation was a movement created by Joseph Strickland in 2013. It is somewhat reactionary, wanting to return to the times of the late 90's and early 2000's, and is completely opposed to "swag" and swag culture. People who associate themselves with swag are referred to as "swagfags" and have no humanity, though swag clothing isn't completely looked down upon, just the concept of "swag" is.

    In short, this ideology advocates for the abolishment of the concept of "swag".


    The Anti-Swag Corporation was founded by Joseph Strickland after he was incessantly bullied for wearing swag clothes to school, as well as his other unusual mannerisms which has manifested into his reputation. On Sep. 25, 2013, Joseph Strickland uploaded a video to YouTube called Welcome To The Anti-Swag Corporation, which explained what the Anti-Swag Corporation was and why he hates swag. The video has since become very popular and memetic, but much to Joseph Strickland's demise, This would only bring his mockery to the series of tubes known as the Internet.


    Anti-Swag Corp. has the personality of Joseph Strickland. He is incredibly anti-swag despite commonly wearing what is considered 'swag' and he will do his best to prove to you that he is not wearing swag, just regular clothes.

    He also has a daily routine of saying "p o t a t o" in a deep voice when he walks into the cafeteria and thinks he has a future at being a rapper.




    • Bisexualism - hehe... I shouldn't really let people know about my relation with you, that would really hurt my rap career.
    • Furryocracy - Yes, I had a furaffinity account and I drew weird pictures of Hammer Bro. I miss you YoushiFan.
    • Animeism - Jeez! I almost got in trouble due to your Loli stuff!


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