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    • Khrushchevism - Based on denouncing Stalin's crimes and rehabilitating the people he prosecuted with your 1956 secret speech, as well as returning the deported peoples like Tatars back to their homeland. Just ignore how he worked with Stalin to set up his cult of personality.
    • Gorbachevism - The same as above but better because you more actively tried to get rid of the influence of Stalin's totalitarianism.
    • Trotskyism - A martyr of Stalin's regime who didn't deserve to be purged.
    • Italian Left Communism - Stalin betrayed the revolution!
    • Attlee Socialism - Based for your hawkish and staunch anti-Stalinist stance and pushback against pro-USSR Labour factions.
    • Titoism - Based for protecting Yugoslavia's national sovereignty from Stalin and creating the Non-Aligned Movement to piss off Soviet imperialists, and had based analysis on that Stalin's USSR was imperialist. That being said, why did you work with Stalin before and was a Stalinist?
    • White Movement - If you had won, then Stalinism would not have existed. Also White political emigrants who against Stalin’s despotism were based.
    • Neoconservatism - The West must remain strong against the totalitarian darkness of Stalin's regime!
    • Anti-Totalitarianism - Down with Stalin's totalitarian regime!
    • Democratic Socialism - Reject totalitarian communism, embrace democratic socialism!
    • Sankaraism - Your analysis on Stalin is perfect and flawless.
    • Council Communism - Way better than the Tankies.
    • Left Anti-Communism& Anti-Nazbol - Stalin is a red fascist and state capitalist in denial!
    • Cardenismo - Thanks for opposing Stalin and giving Trotsky and other Soviet dissents a shelter.
    • Banderaism - слава Україні!
    • Social Democracy - “Social fascism” is Stalin’s pure bullshit.


    • Tridemism - You seriously took aid from the Soviets during Northern Expedition and WW2?! But being against the Stalinist Russian devil after you retreat to Taiwan and his Chinese puppet Mao is certainly based.
    • Churchillism - Based but you should have started Operation Unthinkable, instead of allowing free space to Stalin. Also, you shouldn’t have worked with Stalin in WW2.
    • Marxism–Leninism - Cringe tankie and Stalinoid apologists. But after Khrushchev made that speech you became more tolerable. Also Tito and Sankara are cool.
    • Kemalism - Protecting Turkey from Stalin's regime was based but why you were friendly with the Soviets before??
    • Leninism - At first I despised you for having paid the way for Stalin, but now I see he betrayed everything you stood for and we should put your true successor as the true head of Bolshevism!
    • Brezhnev Doctrine - You're some kind of Neo-Stalinist, aren't you? At least you didn't fully restore Stalinism.
    • Developed Socialism - Same as above.
    • National Communism - Ceaușescu and Kim Il Sung were just two retards who wanted to build their own Stalinist country. Although Stalin purged natcoms...
    • Imperialism - I am against Stalin's Soviet social imperialism, but some of us like Truman, Attlee, and Khrushchev are imperialists so......
    • Castroism - Working with the Stalinite Guevara was a bad move, but being buddies with Khrushchev was cool.
    • Fascism - You hated Stalin and he used you as a straw man to describe everyone who he didn't like, but why did you enter into an Italian-Soviet pact with him?
    • Nazism - Operation Barbarossa was a good chance to destroy Stalin, but your failure only strengthened his position and you collaborated with him in 1939-1941.
    • National Capitalism -Same as above but better.There should have been an Anti-Stalin coalition instead of an Anti-Hitler one.
    • Anti-Communism - Those of us who hate Stalin on the right support you, and with the anti-Stalinist left, against you.


    • Maoism - Stalin's puppet in China. At least you later criticized him somewhat in "Stalin's Place in History" after he died.
    • Hoxhaism - Same as the above but Albanian.
    • Stalinism - Totalitarian imperialist genocidal piece of shit, you ruined everything! Glad that your legacies are gone now. Your supporters can cope and seethe, but you will never come back to the face of earth again.
    • Cult of Personality, State Socialism, and Totalitarianism - Literally the Stalinist USSR!
    • Anti-Revisionism - Stop calling yourselves “anti-revisionists” when you're Marxist-Leninists. If you were smart you would know Stalin purged the Old Bolsheviks for opportunistic reasons.
    • Rooseveltianism - You sold Eastern Europe to Stalin! You really were pen pals!
    • Anarcho-Stalinism - ACTUAL oxymoron.
    • Guevarism - Stop trying to corrupt Castro with your Stalinist bullshit. Plus you tried to spread Stalinist terrorism in Latin America.
    • Capitalist Stalinism -Evidence that Stalin is a state capitalist
    • Red Fascism & National Stalinism - What Stalin really was.
    • Putinism & Lukashenkoism - Two dictators who, for their own political gain, will rehabilitate Stalin.
    • National Bolshevism -Literally Stalinist ideology!


    1. A.: Khrushchev? What good things did Khrushchev do? Q.: He denounced Stalin. A.: So you think that this was a good thing he did? Q.: More than good. I would say holy. For Christ's sake, more people were killed by Stalin than by the whole of the Cultural Revolution put together!
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