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    Anti-Social Democracy is an ideology that opposes Social Democracy, and seeks to counter it in any way possible. Anti-Social Democracy is practiced by both economic left wingers and economic right wingers. However, you can be culturally left or culturally right and oppose social democracy.

    There are many capitalist ideologies that oppose social democracy, mainly those who are fiscally conservative. Because, they see a welfare state as wasteful spending that breeds and rewards laziness. While, socialists oppose social democracy because they see it as only strengthening capitalism, and abandoning its values over time, which can be seen in many establishment social democratic parties. As well, seeing it as contributing to imperialism and third-world exploitation.

    Historically, social democrats have been persecuted by fascists and other politically extreme ideologies like marxist-leninists, as these ideologies oppose liberalism. This can be seen in Germany during the 1930's when the nazis overthrew the SDP that was ruling Germany, or when Joseph Stalin declared that social democracy was "the moderate wing of fascism".



    • Anti-Liberalism & Anti-Democracy - Hates social democracy like me.
    • Fourth Theory - Recognizes the damage social democracy has caused to countries. I could care less about opposing other forms of liberalism though.
    • National Socialism - Overthrowing the SPD was based!
    • Marxist-Leninism - Recognizes that social democracy is the moderate wing of fascism.
    • Luxemburgism - It's a shame they had to kill you. You were a hero, may you rest in power.
    • Socialism - Social democracy only strengthens capitalism.
    • Fiscal Conservatism - Social democracy only wastes the tax payers hard earned cash.
    • Neoliberalism - Similiar to the above. We both hate Welfare Queens.




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