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    Anti-Semitism is an ideology characterized by hostility , prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. It is also often very conspiratorial.


    Anti-Semitism has varies different manifestations, which are: Cultural antisemitism, religious antisemitism, racial antisemitism, political antisemitism, and new antisemitism.

    Cultural antisemitism

    Cultural antisemitism is a form of antisemitism that hates Jews for "corrupting" a culture, which is based on the idea of "Jewishness" as a "religious or cultural tradition that is acquired through learning, through distinctive traditions and education."

    Religious antisemitism

    Religious antisemitism is a form of antisemitism that opposes Jews as a monoreligious group based on their perceived religious beliefs. In theory, antisemitic attacks against Jewish individuals would stop if they changed their beliefs and stop practicing Judaism. This has also been coined as anti-Judaism, which his different from racially based antisemitism. Since Jewish individuals aren't being opposed for their ethnic or racial backround.

    Economic antisemitism

    Economic antisemitism is a form of antisemitism that perceives Jews as being harmful to economic activities or that economic activities become harmful when they are performed by Jews.

    Racial antisemitism

    Racial antisemitism is prejudice against jews as racial/ethnic group, rather than Judaism as a religion. This form of antisemitism is what's commonly referred to as "antisemitism". It's the idea that the Jews are a distinct and inferior race compared to their host nations. This form of antisemitism is widely known to be practiced by the Nazis, which was the underlying reasoning for the holocaust.

    Political antisemitism

    Political antisemitism is a form of hostility toward Jews based on the belief that Jews seek national and/or world power.

    New antisemitism

    New antisemitism is a form of antisemitism that focuses on Israel as a state. It's been coined as attacks against Israel as a state as hating Jews. This form of antisemitism is also practiced by Muslims.


    Anti-Semitism hates, well, Jews and uses anti-Semitic dog whistles such as (((triple parentheses))).

    How to draw

    1. Draw a white cube.
    2. Draw a black menorah on the face-side.
    3. Draw a red outline also on the face-side.
    4. Draw a red slash mark from top corner to bottom corner.

    you're done.




    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populism - You do the right job of hating Soros, but you often embarrass me with your idiocy. And no, Hitler wasn't a Jew!!!!
    • AntiSemSat.png Anti-Semitic Satirism - Now thanks to you, nobody takes me seriously.
    • Altl.pngAlt-Lite - Too moderate.
    • Zhir.pngZhirinovism- K*ke, but at least a self-hating one.
    • Antij.png Anti-Judaism - We both hate Jews, but why do you only hate them for their religious beliefs?
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - I hate you for liberating Jews from concentration camps which are where they belong. Plus you encouraged Komzet to encourage Jews to work and designate them a "homeland" to counter-apporach Zionism, fucking Judeo-Bolshevik bootlicker. But your Doctor's Plot was based, and it was a shame that you died before implementing it.
    • Anti-Frenchism Icon.png Francophobia - While both of us agree that k*ke Dreyfus is guilty, him being French has nothing to do with it.


    Further Information


    1. Despite Apartheid South Africa's support for Zionism many prominent South African politicians such as Oswald Pirow, D.F. Malan, and Eric Louw publicly made anti-semitic remarks.
    2. w:Franklin_D._Roosevelt_and_civil_rights#The_Holocaust_and_attitudes_toward_Jews
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