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    Anti-Self-Insertism is the opposite of Self Insertism. It loathes any ideologies whose sole purpose is to represent the author's beliefs, arguing that those pages lack substance and only clog up the Wiki, preferring to return to the time when the Wiki's sole purpose was to hold wacky and impossible ideologies that would never be accepted on the regular Polcompball Wiki. In the most extreme of cases, Anti-Self-Insertism will also oppose ideologies named after people, like Marxism and Hoppeanism, believing that they too fall under the definition of a self-insert ideology. Anti-Self-Insertism fully supports all ideologies not based on or named after specific individuals and their beliefs.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with extremely dark red (#171414).
    3. Draw a red (#FF0000) circle.
    4. Draw a red diagonal line through it.
    5. Draw sunglasses.



    Anti-Self-Insertism's Nice List

    These self-inserts are what Anti-Self-Insertism considers to be better than the average self-insert (but still terrible).

    Anti-Self-Insertism's Naughty List

    These self-inserts are what Anti-Self-Insertism considers to be even worse than the average self-insert.

    • Afunhumaninterism - There's no way anyone will ever take you seriously with that design. A Roblox character? Really? Okay, so you changed the design. Still a terrible name, still a self-insert.
    • Airisuism - What a terrible design! It breaks multiple Polcompball art conventions! I know this is the Anarchy Wiki, but come on! Freckles? On a Polcompball?! Disgusting!
    • Oofitism - As bad as or worse than Airisuism, your ideology ball doesn't have to be based on your PFP
    • Kira Kween Thought - Degenerate.
    • Satoserism - A National Bolshevist that ships Pokémon characters? And that relationships section, Jesus.
    • Swag Dogism - Mad drip. Not very interesting besides the peculiar design.
    • Nullism - How many bloody variants do you need to make of this shit ideology? Obviously a stupid LARP ideology.
    • Denatian Model - I know Nullism once used a shit ton of bloody variants, but come the fuck on!Instead of making separate pages of your variants, you decided to cram them all in one page. Ok, so you split them, but still Extremely cringe.
    • Liuanism - A fucking opposite unity self-insert? Your ideology is complete bullshit.
    • Lexareteism - I found something that is way worse than his ideology; his personality.
    • Anarcho-Altruism - How many ideologies do you have to add to your relationships tab?
    • File:Nerism icon.png Nerism - Weeb.
    • BEism - Making you a mod? Is that what your ideology is about? Ultra Cringe.
    • Anti-Deathism - WTF!? an ideology based on hating the concept of death? And how many ideologies do you have to add to your relationships. That name seems like a simple concept, but your ideology represents more than it.
    • Anti-Traditionalism - WTF!? an ideology based on hating the concept of tradition? Why is this even a self-insert, its just a very simple concept! Like you couldn't have thought of a more creative name than "Anti-Traditionalism", if its gonna be a self-insert you might as well name it after yourself and not that!
    • Blartism - Just a green ball with a hat? Add more to your ball.
    • Robert-Lockheartism - You're saying everyone needs therapy, when you're the one who really needs it.
    • ShadowShogun Thought & Darknight Yuusha Model - Second fate of Arctofire's tragedy, this is what's wrong with rhetoric populism, a moralistic joke of post-Soviet states. Oh, they are also xenophobics.
    • Lpyapersonism - Where do I even begin? The bad art, the many styles, the ideology and the mass editing moments, there's so much wrong with this guy.
    • File:MATTball.png Mattism - Tries to brand himself as unique when all of his politics fit the contemporary American political system, how boring. Also, massive degenerate.
    • Oiboioiism - Stop claiming to be the most extreme ideology and creating alt accounts!
    • Third Addycakesball Thought - Another boring self-insert who always sees and makes typos she has to correct and fix on her own despite calling herself a "Grammar Nazi with Reactionary characteristics."
    • 2x2Masterism - You have a fucking GRADIENT on your design! How do you expect people to draw it?
    • BERNHEism - Just a technocracy recolor with a cyborg eye? You can do so much better!
    • Neo-Glencoeism - An unironic state liberal. What is there to expect from a 13 year old kid?
    • O'Langism - A generic ancom and a recolor of the socialism ball? Boring.
    • Pantheonism - This is so wacky, it's impractical!
    • Beryism - Hooray, another liberal, if we didn't already have enough.

    People that added themselves to the Nice List

    The worst of the worst. The lowest scum of humanity. Fuck you.

    • Classical Social Democracy - Really? Fuck off. Plus you aren't even really "Classical", just some made up shit. The title of "Classical Social Democracy" goes to Bernsteinism.
    • KJ System - Also called me an oxymoron.
    • SajZeal Model - Technically, you were added by someone else. Fuck off anyways.
    • Neovalentinism - The first one to add themselves to the nice list. Fuck off.
    • Six-two-zero thought - You are not only a cringe Self-Insert, but also you want to create individualball wiki including Self-Insert? I'm glad to see that your application failed!

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