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    Anti-Populism is opposition to populism (...)




    • Oligarchy - Let the few rule!
    • Aristocracy - Power to the best!
    • Illuminatism - Even if the world is ruled by a secret elite, there is nothing wrong with that.
    • Optimateism - The OG elite.
    • Technocracy - The intellectual elites over the simple minded plebs.Hey what's this Techno-Populism bs thing? drop it!
    • Theocratic - You all are anti-demagoguery by nature even when you sometimes pretend the otherwise.
    • Liberaltarianism - I like your anti-demagoguery policy but kinda soft though.
    • Dengism - nice bloody good job in the Tiananmen square.
      • - please shut up.
    • Financialism - Banks are elites.
    • Capitalism - Capitalism is anti-demagogy at its core, it is focused on the upper rich class and not on the “interests of the people”.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Your elitism is based.
    • Libertarianism& Anarcho-Capitalism - Populism is inherently authoritarian,it leads to the fact that the crowd brings the dictator to power, refusing freedom in exchange for handouts of "welfare".
    • Liberal Conservatism - Too moderate and that doesn't stop you from hating all their forms, respect.
    • Blanquism - Actually a socialist who agree with me?!
    • Leninism - Some as above but communist..weird.
    • Schwabism - Waiting for "Why populism needs to be eradicated(And that's good thing)"


    • Trumpism - lol you were not even genuine about this populism crap in your camping.
    • Jeffersonian Democracy - Possibly another fake populist.
    • Big Tent Liberalism - Why does your tent cover those populist peasants.
    • Neoliberalism - You sure compromise a lot for an anti-populist.
    • Neolibertarianism - They are not your friends! stop simping!
    • Third Way - Wish you had the spines to act on your hatred. Learn from Deng!
      • - 他妈的给我闭嘴!
    • Stratocracy - You are increasingly becoming populist these days, especially in developing world, but you were very elitist back in the day.
    • Khrushchevism - Commie populist who crushed an uprising by a different commie populist?


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