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    The Anti-Picrew Movement, aka the APM, is a ideology expressed by "Anti-Picrewists", people who ironically or not take some form of opposition, minor or not, to Picrew and people who use the program to create their pfp's. The "movement" was borned after the start of what Anti-Picrews call "the picrewisation", in which various users changed their previous profile pictures (pfp's) to a image created using picrew, a website made for avatar creation. Anti-Picrewism doesn't have a specific placement in the compass and it's members can be from whatever political position possible, although some could argue the APM is authoritarian for wanting to prevent or destroy "Picrewization", but the same could be argued for it being libertarian, with the APM being a opposition to Picrew Supremacism which advocates for violent, brutal and even genocidical enforcement of Picrewism.

    The most moderate schools of thought in the APM circle argue that Picrewism doesn't need to be opposed or abolished/prohibited, but rather regulated as a way to prevent Authoritarian Picrewism, they are usually reffered as Picrew Regulationists. The most classical and radical school of thought in the APM argue that regulating the propagation of picrewisation would only slow it, not stop it, therefore eventually leading to Coercive Picrewism, they argue picrewism must be radically opposed, and in the most extremist of cases fully annihilated.

    The extremist school of thought in the APM are "Picrewcide Advocatists", these individuals believe that people who use picrew or are converted to picrewism must be "eradicated" from the world, exclusivally with violence, so while a Anti-Picrewist may want peaceful conversion of all picrew users Radical Anti-Picrewist as they are also called. These members of the APM are usually called hipocrates or contradictory as they advocate for anti-coercive/authoritarian picrewism and the violent enforcement of it while advocating for violent prohibition of it.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with black.
    3. Draw an Antifa Emblem with black and blue colors.
    4. Draw a crossed out picrew emblem on the blue flag.
    5. Draw eyes.




    • T.T.T.ism - Fellow anti-picrewist, use conservative and/or reactionary values against picrew.
    • Lexsiek - Father and culturally-left member of the movement.
    • Anyone who doesn't use picrew.
    • Anyone who opposes picrew.
    • National Technocracy - Kill picrew users? Very extreme but I like it


    • Anyone who doesn't use picrews but supports others doing so.


    • Picrew Supremacism - Not on my watch.
    • Anyone who uses or advocates for violent enforcement of picrew.


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