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    Anti-One Nation Libertarianism

    Anti One Nation Libertarianism is the opposite ideology to ONL.png One Nation Libertarianism.


    World.png World World Federalism2.png

    This ideology is very strongly internationalist. Much like National Libertarianism Natlib.png , it believes that conflicts of interests and diversity caused by globalism lead to government authoritarianism, but it draws a different conclusion than them. In fact, Anti-ONL views that as a good thing. It supports uniting many different countries in post-national states, that enforce ideas opposed to ONL.png One Nation Libertarianism. But unlike most supporters of an United World, he doesn't support federalism or urbism, but rather centralism. However, free trade doesn't exist to boost local autarky.

    Social corpratism.png Economic Views Keynes.png

    As opposed to ONL.png One Nation Libertarianism, anti-ONL is very strongly interventionist on economic matters. It believes the State should control all productive property and capital. Workers would be treated as bad as possible in those state-owned enterprises. Unlike most economic leftists however, he has no problem with Corp.png monopolies forming, especially when it comes to the social media. The market system would be abolished in favour of a strictly state-regulated guild system. Anti-ONL justifies many of its economic views with Keynes.png keynesianism, believing that debt, inflation and deficits are a good way to stimulate the economy.

    Col.png The Collective

    Anti-ONL promotes the collective over the individual and its moral worth, therefore promoting individual subjagation to the ''common good''. Working Rights are not supported and employees are paid as low as possible, so they have to rely on additional handouts. Individual Rights pretty much barely exist.

    Regulationism.png Anti-Counter Economy

    To prevent ONL from happening, the Government monitors every transaction to avoid a black market develops

    Prgess.png Progress

    Anti One Nation Libertarianism is culturally Ultraprogressivism.png revolutionary, wanting to accelerate culturally as much as possible. It views nihilism and materialism as good drives. It is extremely inclusionary believing only an authoritarian state can uphold those values. It supports the abolition of marriage, Abort.png abortions (though since this ideology is radically anti-natalist they are compulsory), Gay.png LGBT (everyone is required to be pansexual), DeFran.png compulsory race mixing, mandatory sexual promiscuity , negative borders (to achieve as much diversity as possible), mandatory drug use Ford.png and prohibition of Christy.png Christian Muslim 2.png Islamic, Neo-Paganism-icon.png Neo-Pagan and Bud.png Eastern Religions while supporting Stateath.png State Anti-Theism and JewTheo.png Judaism.

    PolState.png Authority Sec.png

    Anti One Nation Libertarianism is civically in between of Sec.png Authoritarianism and Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism. It supports a police state, government surveillance, a complete weapon ban, repealing privacy laws, a ban on smoking, ban on hate speech and compulsory vaccinations. It wants the State to control every aspect of public life (not as much as INGSOC though)

    AnEn.png Environmental Views AnEn.png

    Anti-ONL downplays the importance of ecology in human life. It also denies climate change. It considersthe environment inferior , sothat it should be terraformed, shaped and farmed in a way in which the proprietor of the land sees fit. It also strongly opposes animal rights and hunting.

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism Jack.png

    Anti-ONL supports a highly authoritarian regime like the one of Robespierre. It is only Republican in the sense that a monarchy doesn't exist. All members of royal families are executed.

    Auto.png Autocracy

    Anti-ONL believes that while voting is often useful with the current Neoliberal-icon.png political status quo, ideally democracy should not exist and a single man should rule.

    Necon.png Foreign Interventionism Necon.png

    Anti-ONL believes the State should be very involved in foreign affairs

    Vox Nullis

    With the concept of Vox Nullis (as opposed to Vox Populi of One Nation Libertarianism), everyone would be separated from their home town and family and put in a very far away place. Anti-ONL also supports imperialism Imp.png

    Technocracy.png Technocratic Kakistocracy Kak.png

    Anti-ONL supports the rule of ''experts'' over the citizenry (who were educated in STEM), however it wants them to take the most stupid decisions possible (they would still be portrayed as ''smart, expert actions'' by the Mediastocracy flair.png Media. It wants all possible regulations to be invented, no matter how stupid or unthinkable (the embodiment of ''oi you got a loicence?'' meme). It believes the worst workers should be given positions as advisors in boards of state-owned companies (the fact that this is systematically applied is hidden from the population).ù

    Mil.png Militarism

    Anti-ONL supports all form of foreign intervention, especially if the war is for imperialist purposes. It wants to reform the military to a strictly offensive force, with conscription.

    Unitary.png Centralism

    Anti-ONL believes decisions should be taken from the most central level possible

    Transh.png Technological Accelerationism

    Anti-ONL supports transhumanism, robot technology as well as eugenics

    Cultural Communalism

    Anti-ONL believes in mandatory multiculturalism Multicult.png, and the subjagation of each country's culture. It believes each Nation should be forcefully assimilated to other cultures and forced to forget their own. ( Cball-France.png French and Muslim 2.png Arabic languages will be used as official languages for the World Government and Society)


    Cball-France.png French speakers (as well as Muslim 2.png Arab speaking people) are given as many power positions as possible

    Stateath.png Views on Religion JewTheo.png

    Judaism & Atheism are the only allowed religions

    Bidenism.png Bidenism

    Anti-ONL is very pro-Biden and is enthusiastic about his presidency, especially about Harris.png his possible successor.


    Anti-ONL is very pro I.P. (WIP)

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