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    Anti-Nazbol, or in full Anti-National Bolshevism, is a non-quadrant anti-ideology and movement which opposes totalitarian forms of governance, such as and Fascism,Authoritarian Socialism and radically conservative (or Reactionary) values. The movement includes: liberals, libertarians, progressives, capitalists, anarchists and even some culturally right leaning libertarians, and some progressive communists.




    • Anti-Leftism - We both hate those awful socialists, but can you please stop hating on progressives just because they're culturally left-wing?
    • Anti-Socialism-I advocate capitalism, hating both marxist and fascist types of socialism, but progressive socialists can be good.
    • Anti-Fascism - Yeah we both hate fascism, but you need to stop praising commies! They're fascists too!
    • Korwinism - You're also too Anti-Progressive, but at least you hate them.
    • National Capitalism - The most acceptable form of fascism.
    • State Liberalism - You have some good principles, but you have some questionable methods.And authoritarianism is cringe, it is more based.
    • Pinochetism - Same as above.
    • Neoconservatism - And again. Supporting Fascists like the above guy is cringe, but at least you oppose Commies.
    • Libertarian Socialism - We love liberty, but stop with this Socialism thing!And this cringe.
    • Conservatism - Nice anti-communist tactics, but your social views are antiquated.
    • Marxism - Disgusting commie, but at least you are progressive and hate these red fascists who distort your ideology.
    • Exploding-Heart Libertarianism - There is a ton of stuff we agree on. Too bad you're fucking nuts.
    • Ingbert and EWBRsoc - Same as above.
    • IDK Thought - You're not entirely without good points, but isn't Communism the thing that will bring humanity to hell?


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