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    Anti-Mikolayism is a genocidal, Libertarian Right ideology. It is the literal opposite of . The ideology does not accept peace as an answer and will kill or hunt down any other ideologies that don't agree with it.


    Friends (?)

    Stalinism - Gulags are based. Be more internationalist, or you'll get the knife.

    National Socialism - I love your concentration camps, but stop sending Jews there. I will repeatedly smash your face into the asphalt until you stop doing that.

    Xi Jinping Thought - Kill them all. Kill the Uyghurs. The world is better without them.

    State Atheism - There is no god.

    Zionism - Kill the Palestinians. Bomb them to the fucking ground. Get the mustard gas out, make it painful. The Jewish people will get their state.

    Pink Capitalism - We both love to sell useless shit to Gay people for our own gain.

    Egoism - Only I matter. Everyone else is a spook.

    Anti-Enviromentalism - I love the smell of a burning forest in the morning.

    Globalist - Yes. My ideas need to be spread all over the world.

    Neoliberalism - I love taco trucks.

    Anarcho-Fascism - The doctrine of Fascism should be the basis of every community.

    Capitalism - Buy my shit or die.

    Insurrectionary Anarchism - I will do everything within my power to get what I want, this includes rising up against the state. The state limits me.

    Avaritionism - What the fuck is morality?

    LGBTism - Whaaat? Somebody disrespected you? Hold on, let me get the gun. Actually, a sword sounds better! How about a rusty knife? Maybe I could beat them to death...

    Satanic Theocracy - AVE SATAN!

    AESDPF - Based.

    William Afton - Wanna sell some pizza to children and kill them all later?


    Social Pacifism - Hello, little one.

    - My clone. Inferior in every possible way.

    Celfloskyism - So is you.

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