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    Anti-Mattism is an ideology whose sole purpose is to be opposed to the self-insert ideology MattBall1.png Mattism. Anti-Mattism is Trad.png culturally traditionalist, Cright.png economically center-right, Monarch.png monarchist, Theocrat.png theocratic, Sec.png civically authoritarian, Necon.png interventionist, and Isolationist.png diplomatically isolationist.

    Monarch.png Government

    Anti-Mattism supports an authoritarian monarchy that is theocratic. Believing that democracy has shown itself to be a weak system that only breeds corruption and contempt. The people need a strong ruler that can guide the nation.

    Trad.png Culture

    Anti-Mattism is a culturally traditionalist ideology. It seeks to resist liberal degeneracy, and undue the damage progressivism and modernism has caused to society. It is against LGBT rights, environmentalism, secularism, pornography and prostitution, feminism, drugs, ect.

    Soccap.png Economics

    Anti-Mattism is a center-right ideology. It is against welfare and supports a social market economy with low taxes. His economics follow that of ordo-liberalism.

    Isolationist.png Geopolitics

    Anti-Mattism is an isolationist and military interventionist ideology, and seeks to isolate itself from world affairs while still military intervening in other countries. Although, it supports free trade, and is against economic protectionism. It's also a cultural nationalist ideology, and believes in protecting its culture from immigrants, so it is against immigration. However, it is anti-nationalist, seeing nationalism as a degenerate ideology.

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