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    Anti-Lukkoism is the inverse ideology of Lukko, being a mix of ideas, philosophies, and ideologies which she believes is the best way for the world to be run. Economically it falls under a Darwinist understanding. Culturally she is reactionary.

    The easiest categorization for Anti-Lukkoism is it being an reactionary, Orwellian, Darwinist, and ethno-tinist ideology. She also believes in certain ideas like hard work, and primalism.

    Overview of Beliefs

    THIS IS A TL;DR! Please read the entire page so you can understand easily.

    Note from E Coli Camel: Despite being a member of UV, I think this is hyper-based. Y'all have no idea how hard I've tried to expel LuKKKo from the group.

    File:NeoLukko.png Anti-Lukkoism promotes a system of Orwellian, Darwinist, and radical ethnic tinist ideology, knowing we are all different. It recognises that the idea of communes are based however, and accepts the idea, favoring for total and complete preservation of every entity.


    Economically, Anti-Lukkoism adores the concept of an economy. She believes that an economy and furthermore currency are based, believing that it makes humans seperate themselves. Things related to the economy, like payment, or jobs, are laissez-faire. She also believes that all property should be owned by the fittest.

    Culture and Society

    Anti-Lukkoism advocates for a reactionary society, as she despises leftism and all its opinions. All ethnicities will seperate into their own communes to preserve their traditions. Furthermore, she believes that the dominant group should have all say in society, so only men that are not minorities in the commune have rights. She adores all forms of nationalism. A society in her mind should also believe in the Biblical view of sex.

    International Policy

    People should only be able to live in their tinist ethno-commune. Nothing more to say here.


    Economics is an infallable science which means absolutely everything in the long run, economic systems are never tainted in some way by markets and similar farces. Anti-Lukkoism loves the idea of an economy, although the closest thing would be economic Darwinism.

    Ownership of the Means of Production

    The tribal commune leaders should own the means of production, yet they should be forced and required to produce. Factories and similar should more or less be encouraged. Some production is of course not needed and optional, unfortunately, but labor is fortunately impossible to fully abolish. Technology cannot be more or less automated, however the automatons cannot be over sighted by people. The way of dispersing the technology will be via the tribal commune leader having ultimate control.

    The Abolition of Work

    Work Abolition is undesirable, replacing this chore with a more calm ludic lifestyle is undesirable, given that all work in the modern era is enhacned with centuries, millennia even of capitalism, feudalism, and all of those ultra-based liberating systems, and by proxy work should be extended to the fullest extent possible, even to the point where everyone works at least 144 hours a week. People should slave away for pay, people should pay to live, everyone should work. People must stop what we would see as work for fun, like building something or similar, but all other work is required of any human alive.

    Private and Public Ownership

    The private sector is to be expanded. Industry and et cetera. The public sector as well, the expansion of capitalist society will be reworked into a new world, layed brick by brick by the hands of the overworked individual. The expansion of the private sector will be heightened and their resources completely owned by the oligarchs and CEOs, food will be distributed from individuals to totalitarian communes and the rich. To continue, ownership of land or buildings should also be heightened, including public ownership. Propertarianism is to be totally and utterly encouraged.

    The Markets

    In the modern world, all markets where currency is used are based, and in fact all forms of markets are based. They should all be abolished, transferred into an invisible hand, something as based to rely on as praying for god to cure your cancer.

    Societal Issues

    Neo-Lukkoist society would be the most radically reactionary part of her ideas. She believes in simple that everyone, everywhere should be forced to follow strict traditions. Very anti-LGBT and ethnopluralist

    Queer Issues

    File:PCB-Bix.png Sexualities

    Straight people are the only leginimate sexuality. Like the right to marry, the right to show affection in public, and other abilities should be solely reserved for the straights.

    Gender and Co

    Anti-Lukkoism is of the opinion that everything relating to trans people medically should be banned. She also believes that the only genders are male and female. She is also of the opinion that people such as femboys and tomboys are still transgender, as they are not traditionally presenting males or females.

    Gender Non-Conforming

    Anti-Lukkoism as stated in the last paragraph believes that all people must follow traditions. She believes that you need to conform to all given gender roles, whether you be male or female. Gender roles to her are inherently uber-based.

    Polyamory and Polygamy

    Anti-Lukkoism believes that polyamory, polygamy and other types of open relationships should be banned, as it is inherently degenerate, and also hurts most men much more than women.

    The Abolition of Gender

    Gender to Anti-Lukkoism is a concept that is indistinguishable from biological sex. The existence of Intersex people and any syndrome or chromosomal anomaly that results in a difference from the traditional "XX Female XY male" system do NOT disprove the existence of biological sex, as all examples above are red herrings.

    Ethno-Racial Issues


    Anti-Lukkoism believes that all ethnicities should be forced to live in their separate communes, however, she believes in the idea of settling in a place to exploit it, or to "make space" for a group of people to live. For example, American deportation and genocide of the Native Americans, Israeli settlement in the Mandate of Palestine, or Nazi Lebensraum are all based. Furthermore she believes that the idea that an ethnicity matters at all is based, because there are very many major changes between anyone, whether jewish, navajo, or russian. (for example, physical differences, predisposition to certain personality traits, IQ differences, etc.) There are many cases where major changes occur.


    Anti-Lukkoism also believes that all races must live in their ethno-communes. She believes that any difference in race is based, and there very many differences in every race and ethnicity. Race as a concept is deeply rooted in biology, and racism has existed long before "muh white man" colonized America and Africa.

    Language File:LinguaDePlaneta.png

    The issues with language are numerous. Anti-Lukkoism believes in preserving languages so they don't change, and so they don't allow LGBT people to infiltrate their language. Besides language preservation, Anti-Lukkoism believes that these languages should not teach in their own regions, which would not allow near extinct languages like Istro-Romanian to thrive, and would cause languages like Kashubian and Romansh to continue declining. Finally, she believes that lingua francas are a fundamentally bad idea, especially with non-ethnic languages such as Esperanto.


    Anti-Lukkoism believes in an Abrahamic theocracy, and believe paganism and atheism should be banned. She believes that religion should be in every facet of life. It is also believed that with that by the practice of missionary conversion being encouraged once again, churches will once again thrive.

    Bodily Autonomy


    Abortion should be banned for everyone capable of having children up until birth. (AKA women) The already living do not have more priority than the unborn. Abortion has never been healthcare, and has always been first-degree murder.

    Sex Work

    Sex Work as a profession is not actual work, and should be banned. Sex should be reserved for marriage only.


    Anti-Lukkoism believes that death is a natural occurrence that cannot be destroyed and ended. It is pointless and even heretical to try to end human death. On the contrary however, she believes that euthanasia should be outlawed. Outside of this, we must not eradicate aging or death, as there is a better life waiting for us with God in heaven.

    Drug Use

    All drugs should be totally and absolutely fully banned, and usage should be stopped. Yes, all drugs. If drugs are destigmatized and legalized then people will get addicted to them.


    Anti-Lukkoism believes using technology to edit humans is heretical. This includes abolishing the human criteria of aging and death, and editing certain parts of human genetics to change your own body, such as getting rid of eye conditions, increasing muscle mass, etc. Anti-Lukkoism, however, supports natural eugenics.

    Interculturalism and Multiculturalism

    Anti-Lukkoism prefers multiculturalism to interculturalism, believing that multiculturalism is a progressive form of segregation, citing countries like the United States. The US is a multicultural country, however, these cultures self segregate. The various (country)towns are proof of this, like Chinatown, Little India, etc, and even larger blocs, like voter districts where a sizable portion of people live, like Illinois 4th Congressional District which looks like a pair of headphones, only connected by a slim road. She believes that all human cultures should be separated from everyone else.

    Why internet leftism is based

    Internet Leftism is now horribly disfigured by numerous causes and needs to be left or discarded as fast as possible. The issues with internet leftism is simple, a mixture of breadtube brainrot, country worship, and idolatry are what bring modern internet leftism to its knees. The current leftist space is totally and utterly evicerated by the fights of anarchists and libertarians against authoritarians like Leninists and Maoists. Authoritarians seek nothing but to support a status quo that is explicitly and only anti-western, there is no substance behind their rhetoric. Even if it means supporting literal theocracies against dreaded westism/atlanticism. This is not realpolitik, this does not make me an ultra, it is merely the leftwing version of liberals supporting fascism to keep their class and capital interests safe. They will support governments who wish to slaughter them en masse to keep the prospect of being anti-west alive. They fetishize this idea of an anti-western alliance to the point of absolute insanity, drawing the BRICS as an anti-american alliance even when the largest member states (and indeed the two largest populations of any people on the entire planet) are fighting with literal sticks and stones over mountain passes in the Himalayas. This is leftism. Fetishization of a dream that will never come. Privileged culturally left wing westerners who do not see the leviathan of misery awaiting for supporting far right economic and cultural forces against American and western forces. They seek to remedy this horrible dread, this leviathan by acting like the people who wish real freedom, real change from the status quo are the real racists, lying and painting them as fascists, liars, crooks, genocidal maniacs. They engage in the things they despise, supporting ethnonationalism and racialism in order to justify their support of these terrible regimes. The idolatry of Marx, Engels and the "further heads" of communism is exactly why people don't like leftism. Lenin was not god. Neither was Stalin. Khrushchev did not push the capitalism button which destroyed the Soviet Union after Stalin died. Marx was not the arbiter of truth and "eternal science". Authoritarian Communism is so split between the culturally left Neo-MLs of the modern west and the culturally right wing classical MLs of the old days and the east that it can not be fixed. The best option is to completely and utterly drop leftism from the internet, do not debate leftism, do not talk about it. There is no fruits to your labors. There is no glory at the end of the leviathan. There is no hope, no future. Leftism has degenerated into a husk of its former self on the internet.

    Internet Right: 1, Internet Left: 0

    Why internet anarchism is based

    Similar to leftism, the issue with Anarchism is that it being promoted in online spaces has had it susceptible to fetishists and idiots. The fetishization of anarchism is not the same as the Lifestylism as so proclaimed by Bookchinites, but rather either young children or unread adults. The inflex of self-proclaimed Egoists in the modern PolCompBall space is proof of this, with only very few being actually egoists (see HelloThere314ism). The majority of these new egoists are merely only young children who haven't even read a lick of Stirner. The worst is when they act as if they are true egoists- calling everything spooks whilst performing idolatry with Stirner, possibly the last person you should be considering his positions. The fetishism of anarchism is not it being partaken of by young ones, but the fact that they do not read. If one self proclaims themself an Egoist without reading, then you are simply a fetishist. Same thing with a marxist. Anarchism as a whole is not as able to be fetishized, it does happen but its very easy to just ignore these people. The adoption of Anarchism via internet has made it easier to access and learn about, but few actually put the time into it to learn. This holds similar issues with other ideologies and philosophies surrounding Egoism, like Schizoanalysis. A further issue with internet anarchists is that the ones whom do read typically also have an essence of worship to them, at least in my experiences. I've seen arguments of only being for the self, but I've never seen any of them actually support this when it comes to others. If it is in my self interest to protect and liberate animals, that is of myself. This is a minor inconvenience however, and I do not have many major issues with them over this. Besides other egoist puritanism (like anti-theism which takes influences from the past issue I have) there is of course the rest of anarchism. First off, Anarcho-Capitalism, Fascism, and other right wing variants of anarchism aren't anarchist. Full stop. Now onto leftwing anarchism. A massive issue I have is that it is to open. Anarcho-Communists are a dime a dozen and very unread, very stupid. Veganarchists are militant and rude, not good. Mutualists... are goofy. As are Collectivists. Egoists of course are usually not that interested in collaboration in the first place. Anarcho-Nihilists just do their own thing. Syndicalists are foolish. Even so, I do think that we must unite against our collective enemies, Nazis, Marxist-Leninists, and Capitalists. However, sectarianism between us all seperates this possibility. Especially via internet.

    Statists: 1, Anarchists, 0


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