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    Anti-Logavism is the literal opposite of Logavism. He believes that the most ideal state is a totalitarian dictatorship where every aspect of the economy is regulated by the state. He is extremely conservative, believing that "immoral" behaviors like homosexuality and preaching feminism should be illegal and punishable by death. He fully embraces capitalism, however, he believes that the market should be heavily regulated and controlled by the state.

    Personality and Behavior

    Anti-Logavism can usually be seen hurling slurs at minorities and preaching about the dangers of radical socialism. He is generally a trashy guy and always wants to be rude and edgy whenever possible.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle with eyes.

    2. Color a third of the ball (on the left) dark blue (Hex: #0027FF, RGB: 0, 39, 255).

    3. Color the second third (in the middle) azure radiance (Hex: #0095FF, RGB: 0, 149, 255).

    4. Color the final third cyan (Hex: #3BFFFF, RGB: 59, 255, 255).

    5. Congratulations, you just drew an abomination.



    • Bsaheedism - You are a very cringe guy. I hate the mutualism and market aspects of your ideology.
    • Rutabagism - Cringe socialist. The economy needs much more regulation by the government. Also, the concept of a democratic technocracy is extremely cringe.


    • Minarchism - I like the capitalism, but please reject the laissez-faire economics.
    • Lpyapersonism - Cringe lolbertarian, but at least you’re capitalist.
    • Daveism - Guild socialism and egalitarianism is dog shit, but I dig the absolute monarchy.


    • Avaritionism - You're just sociopathy but an ideology. Based!
    • Pragerism - PragerU is a brilliant source of media. You unironically think that Hitler was not a nationalist and that the Enlightenment was bad, which is based. I love your content.
    • Ingsoc - Man, and I though he couldn't get any better.

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