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    "The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man. Let me first explain what I mean by this White liberal. In America there’s no such thing as Democrats and Republicans anymore. That’s antiquated. In America you have liberals and conservatives. This is what the American political structure boils down to among Whites. The only people who are still living in the past and thinks in terms of “I’m a Democrat” or “I’m a Republican” is the American Negro. He’s the one who runs around bragging about party affiliation and he’s the one who sticks to the Democrat or sticks to the Republican, but White people in America are divided into two groups, liberals and Republicans…or rather, liberals and conservatives. And when you find White people vote in the political picture, they’re not divided in terms of Democrats and Republicans, they’re divided consistently as conservatives and as liberal. The Democrats who are conservative vote with Republicans who are conservative. Democrats who are liberals vote with Republicans who are liberals. You find this in Washington, DC. Now the White liberals aren’t White people who are for independence, who are liberal, who are moral, who are ethical in their thinking, they are just a faction of White people who are jockeying for power the same as the White conservatives are a faction of White people who are jockeying for power. Now they are fighting each other for booty, for power, for prestige and the one who is the football in the game is the Negro. Twenty million Black people in this country are a political football, a political pawn an economic football, an economic pawn, a social football, a social pawn..."

    Anti-Liberalism is an ideology the main goal of which is to counter Liberalism in all possible ways. Usually it is the union of "'Red Fascists'" such as Fourth Theory, National Bolshevism, etc. but can include other ideologies that share the hatred for liberalism.

    Additionally, most anti-liberals either simply are ignorant of or openly tolerate monarchism and ethno-nationalism, since most liberals support oligarchy ... I mean democracy and globalism, respectively. Literally anything that opposes liberal democracy and/or most enlightenment ideas is fair game with this ideology. Everything else is chopped liver!


    Civil Rights


    The State







    Anti-Liberalism is usually aggressive and hates not only Liberalism, but everything connected with it (capitalism, cult of civil rights, bourgeois democracy, individualism, progressivism etc.). It will act similarly to National Bolshevism in most of the cases.

    How to draw


    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with white.
    3. Draw Antifa emblem with National Bolshevik and Strasserist symbols.
    4. Draw eyes.


    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Dark Red #BA0002 186, 0, 2
    Bright Red #EC0002 236, 0, 2




    • Anarcho-Communism, Marxism-Leninism, Fascism - You hate the libtards as much as I do, but you don't counter it in ALL ways.
    • Alt-Lite - You claim to be hate libtards, yet you like them.
    • Socialism - You are an good alternative to economic liberalism, but please for the love of god denounce that faker. Your variants had? Good to know liberalism is incompatible with socialism.
    • Rojtavs - It's great that you think L*btardism is ineffective and even hate L*btardism, but why do you support Democracy and Individualism? Isn't these L*dtard Ideologies?
      • - Since I don't agree with your only SOME views, you sound like a Fascist, also Collectivism is slave system. You need to calm down, you should teach about Democracy, Individualism, etc until I would become you
    • Radical Marxism - You also hate L*btardism, but why Libertarianism, Progressivism, Individualism and Anti-Collectivism? They are sh*t.
      • - are necessary. They are not "Libtard" ideologies. Also, I'm NOT an Anti-Collectivist, but freedom and liberation of every (not only capitalists, hetrosexuals, cisgenders, men etc.) individuals is my goal. And you are CRACY, why do you even hate the Enlightenment?
        • - I see your hypocrisy now. You say you're against liberalism, but why do you like the Enlightenment and Humanism so much? Don't you know that the Enlightenment is the source of liberalism?


    Critiques against Liberalism

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