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    Anti-Liberal-Feelingism is the belief that liberals' feelings should be violated as much as possible and that the more liberals cry, the better. This could involve generating lulz or electing highly conservative politicians (like Trump).



    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - YASS MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN!! MAGA KAG!!
    • RevTrump.png Revolutionary Trumpism - Whoever the Jan 6 rioters were, liberals were made mad! BASED!!
    • METBOL.png Metbolism - Pump out those deadnames!
    • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism - MAKE EM' CRY SOME MOAR.
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - I sincerely admire you.
    • Rpop.png Right-Wing Populism - Probably my favorite conservatives.
    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism - I really appreciate some of your efforts.
    • GRights.png Gun Rights Advocacy - Shall not be infringed, suckas! Or shall I say...Under no pretext, suckas!
    • Homophobia.png Homophobia - I'm sure this tactic is destined to get the libs OWNED.
    • Superstraight.png SuperStraight Pride - This made liberals melt down.
    • Natalism.png Pronatalism - I love watching that lady cry right after some dude told her he's pro-life.
    • Rwsjw.png Right-Wing SJW - Probably my idol.
    • AnDram.png Egoist-Dramaticism - Liberals should scroll ALL THE WAY down. No exceptions, no questions, no arguments.
    • TFPism - Your strong cultural focus could prove to butthurt that liberal a football field away.
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism - Racial minority and Level 3 -4 Rightist? Perfect for trolling those fucking Libtards! (But your ideology indeed scares me tho)
    • Colum.png Columbinism - Did a good job at making the whole nation's liberals go berserk over gun control, but there are better ways to generate that butthurt. And yes, you were Level 7 rightist.



    • Feelism - Shed that one more tear...
    • Libtard.png Liberalism - CRY A BIT MOAR!!
    • Harris.png Harrisism - Worked at Blackjacks. Check. Trolled his school. Check. Made liberals butthurt from 3000+ km. Check. Became an hero. Check. KAMALA ARE YOU CRYIN' NOW!?
    • Bidenism.png Sleepy Joe - The only thing QAnon could do is make your supporters cry more over your mental incompetence.
    • Enby.png Non-Binarism - "Themself" is incorrect grammar! And go cry about it!

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    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the blue top half with stars.
    3. Draw the bottom-left corner dark blue.
    4. Draw the bottom right corner yellow.
    5. Add the awesome face.
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