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    Anti-Leftism wants to counter leftism in all ways, using of the same methods of Anticom in order to stop leftism, besides considering all forms of leftism the same as communism. Anti-leftism also unites radical anti-communism with radical anti-socialism, advocating to counter any form of communism and left-wing ideologies.



    First Red Sacre



    Joseph McCarthy was an American politician and attorney who served as a Republican Senator from the state of Wisconsin from 1947 until his death in 1957. The term "McCarthyism" was coined in the 1950s in reference to McCarthy's widespread anti-communist paranoia, fearmongering, and allegations that numerous communists and Soviet spies, and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States federal government, universities, and elsewhere. Joseph McCarthy rose to national fame in February 1950, when he asserted in a speech that he had a list of "members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring" who were employed in the State Department.

    From the year 1950 onwards McCarthy frequently exploited Cold War tensions and the fear of communism and even began to investigate homosexuals working in the foreign policy bureaucracy, on the ground that they were prime candidates for blackmail by the Soviets (See: Lavender Scare). Said baseless accusations against homosexual government workers received wide publicity and gained him a powerful national following.

    McCarthy's methods also brought on the disapproval and opposition of many. With the highly publicized Army–McCarthy hearings of 1954, and following the suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester C. Hunt that same year, McCarthy's support and popularity faded. Ultimately, the smear tactics and threats that he used led him to be censured by the U.S. Senate.


    COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and illegal projects actively conducted from 1956 to 1971 by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations the FBI deemed subversive and a threat to national security. COINTELPRO was organized by the founder of FBI, J. Edgar Hoover who had by 1956 become increasingly frustrated by U.S. Supreme Court decisions that limited the Justice Department's ability to prosecute people for their political opinions, most notably communists. This lead to him initiating covert "dirty tricks" program under the name COINTELPRO with the original purpose of disrupting CPUSA and keeping close tabs on individuals with communist sympathies such as Charlie Chaplin. COINTELPRO soon expanded to target a plethora of other organizations and movements which included feminist organizations, The New Left and the anti–Vietnam War movement, and most notably the civil rights movement and Black Power movement. Among the black activists and civil rights leaders targeted by COINTELPRO were Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Angela Davis, Viola Liuzzo, Jessica Mitford, among many other.

    Every US President from the 1950s-1971, Dwight D. Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Richard Nixon was complicit in FBI's illegal activities to a certain extent and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy personally authorized some of the programs.

    The program was secret until 1971 when the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI burgled an FBI field office in Media, Pennsylvania, using the boxing match known as the Fight of the Century between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in March 1971 as a cover to pull off the heist, took several dossiers, and exposed the program by passing this material to news agencies.

    Tea Party Movement
















    South Africa


    South Korea












    Personality and Behavior




    • All rignt Ideologies.
    • Pan-Rightism-Right is right! All right unites.
    • Ultrarightism-True right!
    • Anti-Socialism-Fight against socialism!
    • Capitalism - Based system.
    • Conservatism -Our traditional values must be protected.
    • Reactionary Capitalism - Culturally and economically right?Based
    • Neoconservatism - We must spread the free-market worldwide and gun down any opponent.
    • Zionism - Based ally in the fight against islamocommunists Ignore that Israel was founded by a social democrat
    • Pinochetism - Helicopter time for commie scums.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism & Hoppeanism - Fellow lovers of the guy above, and I love your Helicopter memes.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - LKY, Pinochet, Marcos, Suharto, Fujimori, etc were all great leaders.
    • National Capitalism - Only good fascist.
    • Banderaism - SLAVI UKRAINI!
    • LGBT Conservatism - Acknowledges that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that tolerate gays and fully support my fight against islamocommunists and the regressive left.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Your economic liberalizations and the continuation of cracking down leftist groups in Turkey, and your war with the PKK are all incredibly based!
    • Orbanism - Savior of Hungary from the globohomo, 4th Reich, and Islamist invasion and an example for all conservative politicians in Europe to follow. Why did you let Hungary in China's Belt and Road Initiative?
    • White Nationalism - Ending white-minority rule in South Africa and Rhodesia was a mistake.
    • Hong Kong Democratism - FREE HONG KONG! Wait why is Joshua Wong praising CCP agents Greta Thunberg and AOC?


    • Plutocracy and Corporatocracy - Trump and Musk are based but stop selling out to China and the globalists.
    • Neoliberalism - Reagan, Thatcher, Friedman, and Pinochet's economics were pure triumphs but now you are all woke and globalist.
    • Imperialism -Literally the USSR and China. However, there's no shame in admitting that Africa was better of under European colonialism.
    • Churchillism - Would've been perfect had you not cooperated with Stalin and Tito.
    • Paleoconservatism - Fighting communists within your own borders aint enough!
    • Christian Democracy - This is how you stop the Commies from taking power. Excellent job in Germany and Italy. However, Merkel is cringe for cooperating with SPD
    • European Federalism - You have potential but the EU in its current form is a socialist bureaucratic nightmare reminiscent of the Soviet Union
    • Network Monarchy - You were based during the Cold War but Prayut is selling out Thailand to China and we can't have that.
    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - Based white terror and massacring commies. WAIT what do you mean you're a socialist?
    • Pahlavism - Similar to above
    • Showa Statism - You deserved the nukes but Nobusuke Kishi, Shiro Ishii, Matsutarō Shōriki, Yasuhiro Nakasone, among other of your followers shifted allegiance to the US during Cold War in the fight against Chinese communism.
    • Putinism - You were way more based in the past when you praised Solzhenitsyn but since 2014 you've become an Anti-American NazBol trying to destroy Western civilization.
    • Doi Moi - John McCain and Falun Gong regard you as an useful idiot in the struggle to contain the rise of China. That's about it.
    • Satirism - "The right is getting better at comedy and it is making lefties nervous"


    • All left ideology.
    • Pan-Leftism-Down with the left!
    • Ultraleftism -The worst of the left.
    • Socialism-Cringe system
    • Progressivism - Same as above, leftist culture.
    • National Socialism - The Nazis were socialists as the name of their ideology spells out! At least you purged the Strasser brothers
    • Rooseveltianism - Not only were your New Deals massive failures, but you also sold out Eastern Europe to Stalin!
    • Nixonism and Kissingerism - Screw you for abandoning South Vietnam to the commies and aiding China's rise on the world stage
    • Kemalism - Turkish succdem!
    • Saddamism - Pretty sure you were behind 9/11 and hid the WMD in Syria.
    • Khomeinism - Proof that the islamisoleftist anti-western alliance is real.
    • Dengism - The Chinese Communist Party is infiltrating Wall Street, hijacking capitalism, and corrupting Western elites to further their agenda. We must arrest all traitorous billionaires to stop the spread of Chinese communism.
    • Clintonism - You allowed China into WTO
    • Obamaism - Islamocommunist and a puppet of China, Cuba, and Iran. The problem with you wasn't the bombs you drop it was the bombs you didn't drop.
    • Bidenism - People are fleeing from socialism in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela and you want to implement it in the US. I'm pretty sure Chavez came back from the dead to rig the 2020 presidential election
    • Labour Zionism - Self-hating jew and fake zionist. I don't care if you founded the State of Israel

    Parties and Organizations



    File:Anti-leftist action.jpg
    Flag of Anti-Leftism

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