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    Jd2842ism is the opposite of the personal ideology of Jd2842 it is a combination of moderate progressivism and Anti-Bonapartism, among others.

    It's most unique feature is that its arch nemeisis is the idea of "Great Men".



    Anti-JD2842ism is a moderate progressive ideology with a strong admiration for destroying "great men", especially Napoleon Bonaparte and the Caesars, and hates the Bonapartes in their endeavors (including hate towards Restoration).

    This leads him to supporting anarchist mobs alongside Eastern autocracies, however his anarchist support is mainly limited to the loyalty to eastern autocrats, he considers benevolent and ultimately supports eastern autocracy ((Maoism)) in the long term.

    His ideal political system would be the destruction and overthrow of the families of great men he despies as monarchs within some kind of unconstitutional democracy (he also despies constitutions) that is also an eastern autocracy (wants people to vote but be forced to vote for the proposed autocrat) that also is a relativity strong (but not too strong) unitarian union with a near unequal bicameral to a perfect tricameral legislation with social issues being devolved to the unitary state advised by the autocrat.

    His ideal Democratic Monocratic Autocratic would be heavily inspired by the United States' Rivals, but with a stronger emphases on a union of axis powers and could be said to be an idealized post-revival of the Axis Powers (including ISIS, Communist China, and any other autocratic nation) social issues would also be devolved to the unitary state advised by the autocrat.

    On religious matters, Anti-Jd2842ism takes a more anti-accommodationist view (the belief that the government will never support or endorse religious establishments) but also supports a more "Nonreligious Square" model (no freedom of religion exists but a non-religious denomination or place has some kind of state support) alongside it.

    On foreign policy Anti-Jd2842ism is mixed but way more often than non-interventionist (not for national interests, helping friends/allies, helping weaker countries, nor humanitarian reasons) and usually never supports regional/minority autonomy efforts, and hates several contradictory "pan' ideologies (some more so than others).


    Other beliefs include supporting anti-meritocratic and magnutido/ethnocratic polices. wip

    Anti-JD2842ism supports socially radical and culturally progressive polices, and supports the progressive members of right-wing social majorities.

    Anti-JD2842ism is strongly supportive of the United States' Rivals' culture, and their external unitary cultures, and neglects/strongly disagrees with Pan-Americanism and Pan Anglianism.

    Anti-JD2842ism would prefer if all citizens of a country (including his own) were natiophobic/internationalistic.

    Anti-JD2842ism is strongly unsupportive of his ancestral/familiar identities. wip

    Similar to the above Anti-JD2842ism would prefer if all Christian denominations rival and despise each other and would like all Christian countries to destroy the Treaty on the Establishment of Peace throughout no Christendom. but Anti-JD2842ism also supports rivalry and hatred between all the Abrahamic religions

    Anti-JD2842ism considers both monarchies and republics unvalid forms of government however he de facto prefers autocracies and almost always opposes their abolition.

    Anti-JD2842ism is ultimately very mixed in economics, on the one hand supporting a modified socialism (with significant protections for business owners among other things) while also neglecting other economic models, provided they are internationalistic and with the dream goal of community sufficiency.

    Anti-JD2842ism is very supportive of unitary dependency and communal identities and prefers policies and systems that harm them, however there are exceptions to this (most notably Belgium, as he supports Belgian internationalism)

    Anti-JD2842ism has strong elitist views and rejects all forms of anti-racism, anti-sexism, identity justice and strongly supports injustices and unfairness.

    Anti-JD2842ism would hate the creation of a movement that represents all strands of conservatism (liberal to reactionary and everything in between).

    Anti-JD2842ism would like the creation of a movement that represents all stands of progressivism (conservative to proactive and everything in between).

    Anti-Jd2842ism considers the US Constitution the worst constitution in the World and bases his ideal constitution against it, Anti-Jd2842ism also supports Anti-American progressive political institutions and strongly opposes reforms to them.

    Jd2842ism has a Unoriginal view on constitutions and likes the concepts of constitutionally unconstitutional amendments against amendments and unentrenched clauses.wip

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