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    Anti-Internetism is a watered-down version of Anti-Electricitism Icon.png Anti-Electricitism that seeks to completely dissolve the internet and give everyone in the world internet-free lifestyles from before the 1960s.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball.
    • Draw a black internet symbol (20, 20, 20) on the ball.
    • Draw a red no sign (255, 0, 0) over the symbol.
    • Draw 2 white eyes (255, 255, 255) and you're done!


    Section Under Construction
    "Polcompball Construction® LLC is hard at work!" - Syndicalism
    This section of the article is currently under construction. If you would like to help, you can propose additional changes and discuss them on the talk page

    Yes.png Friends

    • 1700ism.png 1700ism and 1800ism.png 1800ism - You guys don't have internet thoughts which is pretty good considering that over 98% of the world have internet in 2022.
    • AnMus.png Anarcho-Music - I love non-internet music, but I also believe that soulless internet "songs" should be abolished.
    • Book.png Booksupicon.png Books and literature in general Anbook.png - A way better option than the internet.
    • Trad.png Traditionalism - Back in our day, there was no such thing as the internet!

    Meh.png Neutral/Frenemies

    • Anti-Electricitism Icon.png Anti-Electricitism - While I do appreciate your aesthetic, you go a little too far with your anti-electrical sentiment.
    • Gamer.png Gamerism - As long as you're off the internet, you're good to go.

    No.png Enemies

    • Anarcho-Entertainment.png Anarcho-Entertainment - Don’t worry, I’m just manifesting my destiny. *smashes your phone with an axe* Happy now, internet-loving pig? 😈
    • Wikia.png Redditball.png The Internet Wikipedia.png Youcube.png - This soulless hypno-propaganda machine brainwashed people into bullying innocent people and hating minorities, which means the internet should be terminated as soon as possible.

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