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    Anti-Heinrich-Cheungism is the reverse ideology of Heinrich-Cheungism, it is an economically left, culturally left, and anarchist ideology. He hates anime and social darwinism. He is also very primitivist and religious. He is strongly pacifist. He strongly opposes Japan and imperialism, and in radical forms, the Japanese people themselves.



    • Nazcapf.png National Capitalism - Hate you, hope you can't find the benefit of technology one day.
    • Nattrans.png National Transhumanism - Why do we just step more forward on technology? Because fleshes are aren't too weak for non-aryans.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Cringe
    • Pinochet.png Pinochetism - Mutual love of physical removal, but I think that you may better to use strategic bomber to not throw Commies out. Since that is less effective.(Le unfunni helicopter man)
    • Mach.png Machiavellianism - Not the only way to the power.
    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism - You are wrong, ONLY THE WORST ARE QUALIFIED TO RULE!
    • Anarchoanimegirlism.png Anarcho-Animegirlism - Anime girl saigo!
    • Hayek.png Hayekism - Your theory in economy not work very well. And I would not like to express my gratitude to your inspiration on my views on economy!
    • File:HeinFlop.png HeinrichFloppaism - "Hello HeinrichFloppaism. I am not your dad!"
    • Showa.pngShowa Statism - Bad
    • Showalong.pngKanmurism - As same as above, but he has a unfunny hat:D
    • Plutocrat.png Plutocracy - Rule by the rich is cringe.
    • Shinto Theocracy.pngState Shinto - I dislike you albeit I am an atheist. Because you can't serve as the tool to rule people and also uninspire Anime.pnghim
    • Fut.pngFuturismFut2.png - Your ascetic design is trash! Just don't be too conservative and I am in the game.
    • Technocracy.pngTechnocracy - Yes! We need less technical advancement to ensure the non-existence of Aryan races!
    • Totalitarian.pngTotalitarianism - It is obvious.
    • Oligarchy.pngOligarchy - -Only myself can decide everything, so what do you think? NO
    • File:Showerismicon.pngShowerism - Keeping body clean is cringe.
    • Bathismicon.pngBathism - Honestly speaking, I don't prefer the person above you. Nevertheless, keeping body clean is always cringe.


    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Worst economic system. And unthank you for drawing my artwork and icons!
    • METBOL.png Metbolism -Mutual disrespect on Prussia. Hope you can have less technological advancement.
    • Nordmodel.png Nordic Model-The only reason I put you here is because you are the creator of Heart of Iron series and Stelllaris.(Btw, your heavy metal is also bad.)
    • Galactimp.png Galactic Imperialism - Lebensraum should only be restricted on Earth! So we don't need to colonize the other planets!
    • Posth.png Post-Humanism - I don't want to be as trash as you... But you just call me a dumb meat bag with metal.
    • Anticommunism.png Anti-Communism - I just cannot understand why you use so many words to describe cringe D:<
    • EdPatrumismicon.png EdPatrumism - Fellow hat wearer and anime lover. Just remove your love on Capitalism. And also, no army is needed even you want to keep peace for your people. (Btw, I hate SPQR too.)
    • Bism.png Bismarckism - Death to Prussia!
    • Strato.png Stratocracy File:StratoDog.png- Bad boy. You are the worst dog I have ever seen.
    • File:Jasm.pngJasminism - Who is the worst dog? You are, you are!
    • Floppa.pngFloppaism - Although we may have great agree on ideologies, you are still cringe.
    • Captrans.pngCapitalist Transhumanism - Cringe Capitalists and Transhumanists. Hoping you can have less states.
    • Merit.png Meritocracy - You are wrong. The worst deserves the merits.
    • AncapFash.png Kinipkism - Cringe Fascist and Capitalist, but you need less state.
    • Nazi.pngNational Socialism - Unadmirable, but you still need more less market and technical advancements.
    • Cball-Japan.png JapanCballalt-Japan.png - Your philosophical thoughts is not impressive. It did not influenced me. And also your animes are bad.
    • Cball-South Korea.pngThe fake Korea - If there is a chance, I may help those unmalicious Juche.pngSmartasses to defeat you in Korean War, too bad I can't.
    • Heinsoc.pngHeinsoc - He is not extreme. But you cannot be the weapon of mine one day. And someone says you are already Heinsabkvball.pngthe weapon of that Unbanmeball.png"Existence"
    • Natcryp.pngNational Crypto-Capitalism - So some ways not like me, but less state is needed.
    • File:National-Valentinist-Transhumanism.pngNational-Valentinist-Transhumanism - AntiNazTrans gang!
    • Fut.pngFuturism - Cringe Fascist and art. But you are somewhat too conservative
    • Hoppef.pngHoppeanism - So you are just like Anarcho-Capitalism but with physical removal? Cringe, and do reject strong states.
    • Autodale.pngAutodaleism - You are ugly. You Are ugly. YOU ARE UGLY.
    • Authcap.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism - Authoritarian government and Capitalism is cringe.
    • File:Death Worchip.pngDeath Worship - IF WE CANNOT AVOID DEATH, THEN WE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT IT.
    • Fiat.pngF.I.A.T - Respecting science is cringe. And if I have time, I will not go to your coliseum and watch those SJWs fighting with genetic revised animals.
    • File:Hive-mind collectivism.pngHive-Mind Collectivism - You are cringe even you are a leftist. (When I am playing stellaris. You and Megacorporation are the only two choice of organic that I choose.)
    • Nrx.pngNeoreactionarism - Permitting anime and I am not in the game!
    • File:Narowism.pngNarowian National Libertarianism - Nationalism and Hoppeanism is cringe. But why would not you choose libertarianism? Otherwise is fully cringe.
    • Milky.pngMilkyism - Cringe economics. And your love for milk is bad. (btw, I also love Juche.)
    • ONL.pngOne Nation Libertarianism - Nationalism and Libertarianism are cringe. But you need less states.
    • Burgersys.pngBurgerdian System - Ah. I did not start from here.
    • BObrovskism.pngBobrovskism - Capitalism is very trash. And also your love for Hoppef.pngHoppe and Pinochet.pngPinochet is very cringe.
    • Ingweeb.pngIngweeb - I hate anime, but Orwellian government... Maybe isn't too far.
    • Nuke.pngNuke Rights Advocacy - Weapon using fission is cringe, why use neutron and anti-matter?
    • CosmoEsoFashFlair.pngCosmological Esoteric Fascism - I hear that you want to nuke the other planets, how about not using Neutron flood to eradicate them, and using Heinsabkvball.pngthis to smash their planet into pieces?
    • Chimp.pngSilly Chimpism - *Not only not humming but also no playing Prussens Gloria in stereo with very loud sound*
    • HoppeFlop.pngFloppeanism - Both Floppaism and Hoppeanism? Cringe!
    • Sbolt.pngSbolt-ism - To eradicate weak citizen but don't directly kill them? CRINGE!
    • Neoafun-nazcap.pngNational Afunhumaninterism - Cringe.(But your name is even easier to say than your OC)
    • Ford.pngFordism - The worst instruction manual that I have read.

    Neutral or need to be advised

    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Your opinion on anarchy is really based. Nevertheless, a totally free market is VERY CRINGE.
    • National Traditionalism.png National Traditionalism - Based boomer, dislikes capitalism, also hates animes. But at least, he is in our front.
    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - Bolsheviks and planned economy is very based. At least, he is in our front too.
    • Antr.png Anarcho-Transhumanism - Transhumanism is very cringe. But STOP NOT TRYING TO SMASH THE STATE.
    • Techsocdem.png SajZeal Model - Technocracy is cringe, but remember, everything is FREE.
    • Airisu.png Airisuism - I have a mixed feeling to you. Because I love anime girls, but anarchism...is way too based.
    • Nullball.png Nullism - The only thing I disagree with you is that you like animes and also respect on technological advancements. But Total control on economics, "remove the being of existence" and the other kind of stuffs in your ideology are really based..
    • Chilib.png Chicago school of economy - Mutual love of free market, but Fried, stop imagining the market is always in balance. Stop being realistic!
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism- Boo hoo, the orange boomer like Juche. But wait, are you also an Anti-Socialist?
    • Lex.png Lexsiek - Don't remove Anarchism, you are cringe and bluepilled. But you don't want to do thatD:<.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - International interventionism, capitalism and anti-communism are cringe. But don't stop preaching about your values of liberty.
    • Moncap.png Monarcho-Capitalism - Cringe Capitalist. But believe me, Absolute Monarchism can be achieved. Because gene itself has flaws, your offspring may be not die of a slight illness because the potential risks of genetic flaws.
    • 3princ.png3princ-col.png Tridemism - People just cannot understand your way to save your fatherland. Nationalism is cringe, social welfare and Democracy is based anyway.
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - May you just start doing the drugs? Once you take drugs, you are fine.(By the way, your flag and icon is cringe)
    • TDRH.png TDRHism - Cringe Anti-Juche and anime lover. But you are too moderate in some way.
    • N-Self.pngNeo-Selfism - Cringe technology advancement and capitalism, but Egoism?
    • Burgsys.pngBurgundian SystemBurgsys-rectangle.png - Having a Totalitarian state is very cringe. And also, nuke the world like Posadist.pngthe Posadism may not cost a lot to back to the state of order. (By the way, your glasses is really not alike to mine.)
    • File:Ego Fascism Icon.pngEgo-Fascism - Don't you realise that? Egoism isn't the real spook.
    • Crapitalism.pngCrapitalism - Awww, you want to using craps as the currency in trading? What a brilliant idea!
    • Greenminpcb.pngGreen Minarchism - You are a Capitalist, which means we can be terrible business partners, but you are an Environmentalist and progressive, both of them are based.
    • Lpyapersonicon.pngLpyapersonism - Somebody considers Lex.png his name is easy to spell, but honestly, your name is easier to say:DD. Progressive and reject to State Atheism is based. We can't be business partner because you are a Capitalist.
    • Oiboioi.pngOiboioiism - You have learnt something from me, but why religious and anti-anime? But the other are based.
    • Bsaheedism-icon.pngBsaheedism - You have got the potential to be a good ideology(Like pro-minecraft, atheism, and pro-technology), but why are you a Market-socialist, Anarchist and socially progressive?
    • File:Catarchytangle2.pngCatarchy - AuthRight, cringe. Anime, cringe. But the other part of your ideology really confuses me.
    • Demos.pngDemosism - Terrible hat and cringe economy. But acting like an Egoist? Egoism is based.
    • Nothisispatrick.pngDaveism - The only thing you are not worth to be appreciated is you are a chad Tsarist.
    • Mondialistball.pngMondialism - Hey, take a pill of sedative, Mongolian empire is not out of date!
    • Natpos.pngNational Posadism - You may better not go to doctor's. Nuking world will not cause anarchy.
    • Reluctant Neoliberalism.pngReluctant Neoliberalism - You looks happy. You are not kinda like me when I am trying to be politically incorrect.
    • North.pngNorthzrnism - Ooga booga.(cringe. You should not stop hate states though.)
    • Ethwelball.pngEthnic Welfarism - Ethnonationalism and Transhumanism are cringe. but Welfarism? You will not get loads of lazyasses in that part!
    • NeoYori.pngNeo-Yoriism - I am checking...(If you drop the File:Awaj-Coom.pngAnarchism, LeftRothbardianismPix.pngThe fake Ancap, and stop hating the state, then you are cringe.)
    • Neoafun.pngNeo-Afunhumaninterism - Easiest-to-spell 2nd(less state, mate)
    • Calreibozism.pngCalreibozismCalreibozismCat.png - Easiest-to-pell 3rd(Be less Capitalist. And Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong is worse.)
    • Butter.pngButterism - Ummm. Uhhh...Ahhh... Idk how should I say.
    • Conseil.pngConseilism - NRx is cringe, but Syndicalism is.

    Ideological non-opposed but joke about them is bad



    • Acidcomf.png Acid Communism - Finally, a true non-degenerate. (Btw, my concentration camp is empty until I met you.)
    • File:Slavr.pngSlavreichism - Ahhh, again, a libleft. And also a anarchist. The world can be worse if you are thrown out of my ammunition bay.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - This guy still existing? Don't go to the ammunition bay!
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - You are the synthesis of the BEST IDEOLOGY EVER!
    • Dist Lib An.png Distributist Libertarian Anarchism - Rejecting Capitalism, authoritarianism and being an anarchist. Bullet or ammunition bay, you choose neither.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Based, June 4th 1989 forget! And you will be a Capitalist!
    • Plen.png Plenderplarism - Hah, a Commie with justice and objective. And also, having weak army, maybe? A unworthy friend, I think. Then you will not shiver, implore, succumb and perish under my unautomated pacifist group
    • Potashism.pngPotashism - The best thing I can do to you is not put you into the most expensive strategic bomber's ammunition bay of mine.
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism - And also I can understand why do you using many words to describe based.
    • Oofit icon.png Oofitism - Based

    Indispensable Relationship

    • Jihad.pngJihadism - I don't mind whether you are a Fash or Authright or WTF, DON'T PERISH UNDER MY PANZER NOW! (Sound of Panzers's engine.)
    • Furry.pngFurryocracy - Boo hoo, another non-degenerate, you won't go to concentration camp along with Acidcomf.pnghim as well.
    • CHAZism-icon.pngCHAZism - I heard that you are a "Kleptocratic"..."Commualism"? DON'T SHOOT THEM ON SIGHT!
    • Antifa.pngAntifa - Don't get out of my ammunition bay!
    • Prim.png Primalism - Is there any difference between you and normal animals?
    • Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - Don't go to the ammunition bay of strategic bombers!
    • Prim-kak.png Primalist Kakistocracy - This is even better than them.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - I am not glad that your f**king regime is beaten. Because if you succeeded, you will just turn people into a bunch of sub-human or Neanderthals.
    • Pinkpol.pngPink Pol Potism - You are like the guy above, but with the characteristics of SJW.
    • Pisspot.pngPiss Potism - Pol potism but honest.
    • Hsjw.pngHyper-SJWism - You are even better than SJW.
    • SJW.webp SJW - You know why I would not like to use strategic bomber to throw my enemies out? That is because I can accidently use them to bombard you guys.
    • Juche.png Juche - What should I say? You are not a literal fanatic or retarded. You don't just want to nuke all of us, not prone to those Posadists. And also with the best quality of citizens. You may never be purged. I hope so.
    • Anti-Self-Insertism.pngAnti-Self-Insertism - I hardly swear, but you know, this time...(The sound of G36C not being loaded)..IS TOTALLY TOLERABLE!
    • Cyanismicon.pngCyanism - You're absolutely right, Heinrich is a collaborator with Japanese supremacists!

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