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    Not to be confused with Germanophobia

    is the ideology of the
    in Germany.

    It is a term applied to tendencies within the new left that want to abolish the German nation-state, or usually, the German nation and national identity altogether, viewing any semblance of pride as a step towards fascism and a sign of antisemitism (viewing German identity & culture as inherently antisemitic).

    The ideology uncritically supports the USA, Israel, and their Zionism; any critique of either is viewed as inherently antisemitic and completely rejected. Many classical Anti-Germans are influenced by critical theory.

    As part of the new left, Anti-Germanism rejects traditional critiques of capitalism due to viewing them rooted in Anti-Semitism.

    Anti-Germans were completely opposed to German reunification, as they believed reunification would strengthen national identity and thusly lead to a new rise of fascism in Germany.



    Anti-Germanism emerged during a crisis in the radical German left as the East German regime was collapsing and moving towards reunification.



    Anti-Germanism supports the destruction of the German national identity if not the German nation altogether. It uncritically supports the USA and Zionism / Israel.

    Personality and Behavior

    Anti-Germanism is very hostile towards everything it views as antisemitic.

    It hates any form of Nationalism, especially when applied to Germans. It does not get along well with most other German ideologies.

    How to Draw

    Anti-German poster in Hamburg, 2019
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill the ball with gray.
    3. Draw red fire coming from the bottom-left of the ball.
    4. Draw a first clutching the German eagle and a destroyed German flag in the centre.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. Done!



    • Germanophobia - Destroy the antisemitic G*erman nation!!
    • Anti-Fascism - ANTIFA assemble to destroy the G*rman nation!
    • American Model - America is our perfect ally in the fight against antisemitism and for the destruction of the G*rman nation.
    • Zionism - The Jewish state is of upmost importance to protect them from antisemitism; any critique of Israel is a critique of Jews, and thus antisemitic.
    • Anti-Imperialism - I swear I don't support Imperialism!!!!! Uncritical support for America and Israel in the fight against Imperialism!


    • Anti-Capitalism - I don't like capitalism either, but your usual critiques are rooted in antisemitism.
    • Anarchism - I like you, but be careful with those anti-Statist critiques or you might end up being just another antisemite.


    • Nazism -Literally All German.
    • Anti-Semitism - Greatest evil of the world, the root of all that is wrong and G*rman.
    • Jewish-Nazism - Self-Hating Germanophiles. loons,And my complete opposite. These are literally all “anti-Zionist Jews”
    • Nationalism - Pure evil - rooted in antisemitism and paves the way towards fascism. What more do I need to say?
    • Bundism - Antisemite jew that gets bashed as well.
    • Jacobitism - So called "anti G*rman" monarchists that turn pro G*rman the moment they get G*rmans in their line of succession.

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