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    Anti-Gamerism is an ideology that hates gamers, video games, gamer culture and the like. Its current forms are mostly leftist because video games offend them, while the far-right is very supportive of gaming. However, it used to be the other way around back in the past, and conservative politicians would often think them too violent or even satanic (in the case of Pokémon), and even blame them for causing Columbine.



    • Feminism and Misandry - Video games literally just fuel male fantasies.
    • SJW - Video games hurt my feelings! Curse you GamerGate!
    • Conservatism - Pokémon is literally satanic (especially Giratina)!
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Video Games bad!
    • Neoluddism - Back in my days we use to go on duck hunts, not play Duck Hunt!
    • Furryocracy - I'm with the furries in the Gamer-Furry War. But seriously, enough of those nasty ass dating simulators.
    • Ingfem and Ingtrad - I adore how you unperson g*mers. But you need to set aside your differences and fight for a common cause.
    • Gerontocracy - I love how most of you fight back against gaming!
    • TFPism - SEE?! Young men can be anti-gaming as well!
    • Mediacracy - Video games make you violent.


    • Piratism - Your pirating may hurt the gaming industry, but your only doing it because you want to play games for free!
    • Islamic Theocracy - You hate Mohammad Sex Simulator 2015, but what's this about a fps called Pulse?


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