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    Anti-Electricitism is a basic negative attitude against electricity. While it's generally a Non-Quadrant Ideology and not a centralised movement there was a pretty huge anti-electricity movement in the ottoman empire. It's generally a more moderate version of Neoluddism.


    Anti-Electricitism believes that electricity has a negative impact on society and supports the abolition of electricity. While the reasons for this "electrophobia can widely vary from environmental reasons to seeing electricity as witchcraft.


    An Anti-Electricity Movement existed in the Ottoman Empire for a long time. They saw electricity as satanic and thus banned it from public and scientific use for a few year which lead to the Ottoman empire being less modernised in comparison to other empires during that time.

    Many cities that had elictricity also had an anti-elecricity sentiment because of the annoyance of electrical wires.

    Personality and Behavior

    Anti-Electricitism is a very old sytle individual and preferes to not use anything that uses electricity.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it out with a light gray.
    3. Draw a thunder symbol in the middle.
    4. Cross it out with a big red line.
    5. Add some eyes and you're done




    • Neoluddism - Fellow electricity hater but i don't have a problem with the industrial revolution honestly.
    • Primitivism - I'm glad you don't use electricity either tho you go way too far!


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