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    Anti-Denatian Model is an ideology that is the opposite of Denatian Model. It is explicitly authoritarian, moderately progressive and is closely related to Contradictory Communism, except that it also has a kakistocracy installed.



    AntiDenMod can simply be said as moderately ML.png communist, due to it's main variables.


    Simply, it is run under a kakistocratic government, meaning that it is ruled by one individual's lack of talent or merits. An untalented person is chosen to be the next kakistocrat for set amount of time after the previous kakistocrat has got in power. Once a kakistocrat goes into power, they promise to abuse their political power for the common purpose to gain power over their society. The kakistocrat must enforce the laws that keeps the ideology to what's it specifically built for and create laws that prevent the safety of the people and the economic laws that keeps the ideology together. The created law is immediately put into action.


    DenMod is culturally liberal, meaning that it does not care about their cultural heritage. AntiDenMod can also be implemented in World.png globalism, although not required to be officially AntiDenMod.


    AntiDenMod acts like, has the personality and thoughts of the opposite of Denatidum or it's closer unknown relatives. Like most people in the community, it is neurotypical. It hates games, such as MC.png Minecraft and AmongUsism.png Among Us.




    • Denatian Socialism - Eh, you got the right idea of leftism, yet you're libertarian!
    • Georgist.png Georgism - Upholding private property in communism is fine, just not the moderate capitalism.


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