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    Anti-Democracy is an ideology that openly opposes or denies democracy either as a form of government or as an ideological idea. Anti-Democracy has different forms, it can range from Authoritarian, all the way to Anarchist.




    Socrates was known for his critical thinking and philosophical approach to many aspects of life, including politics. However, it is difficult to say with certainty what his exact opinion on democracy was, as he did not leave any written works behind and his views were often conveyed through the writings of his followers, such as Plato.

    In Plato's dialogues, Socrates expresses both praise and criticism of democracy. On the one hand, he praises the democratic system for allowing freedom of speech and equality before the law. On the other hand, he is critical of the way in which democracy can be easily manipulated by demagogues and lead to the tyranny of the majority.

    In particular, Socrates was concerned with the idea that in a democratic society, people may be swayed by persuasive orators who make false promises and appeal to their emotions rather than their reason. He believed that this could lead to the election of leaders who were not fit to govern and who could harm the society as a whole.


    Aristotle believed that democracy was a flawed form of government that could easily degenerate into mob rule. He argued that democracy was only appropriate for small, homogeneous communities and was best suited for governing the lower classes. In his view, the masses lacked the education, experience, and wisdom necessary to make good decisions, and were vulnerable to the influence of demagogues and their own passions and prejudices.

    Moreover, Aristotle believed that democracy was unstable and prone to factionalism, and could easily be manipulated by the wealthy and powerful. He considered oligarchy, the rule of the wealthy, to be a preferable form of government, but also believed that the best system was a mixed form of government that combined elements of democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy, each balancing and checking the others. In his view, such a system would be more stable, just, and capable of promoting the common good.


    Many Authoritarian Anti-Democrats think what that democracy makes the state weak and defenseless. Authoritarians may say that the people aren't competent enough to choose there leader and intelligent tyrant would know better than the unintelligent masses.

    There also exists the theory of "The Iron Law of Oligarchy", it is the idea that all forms of government, regardless of how much they try to avoid it, they will always inevitably devolve into the "default state" of government, that being oligarchy.


    Many anarchists & libertarians criticize democracy because of various reasons, some of the most famous ones being that a democratic state remains a state therefore it is still oppressive, but this isn't in direct opposition to democracy.

    The False Consent of the Governed

    Taking a more critical approach is the idea that democracy is inherently evil because it makes people assume that the government has the consent of governed, making it harder for people to oppose government oppression.

    Many anarchists believe that democracy creates a false sense of participation and control over government by the people. In a democratic system, individuals are encouraged to participate in the political process through voting and other means. However, the reality is that these forms of participation are often limited to selecting from a predetermined list of candidates and policies, rather than actively shaping the political landscape.

    This illusion of participation can make people complacent, leading them to believe that their voices are being heard and their concerns addressed by those in power. While in reality, the government and those in positions of power are often beholden to powerful interests and are not truly responsive to the needs and desires of the people.

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a libertarian economist and philosopher, was highly critical of democracy. He argued that democracy is fundamentally flawed because it violates individual rights and leads to the growth of the state, which he saw as an inherently aggressive and parasitic institution.

    According to Hoppe, democracy allows politicians to use the power of the state to redistribute wealth from productive individuals to non-productive ones. He believed that this creates a perverse incentive system, where politicians are incentivized to cater to special interest groups in order to win elections, rather than pursuing policies that promote the common good.


    Socialists hate democracy (only capitalist) because is it not true democracy, but plutocracy.

    Bordiga is different however as he is against all forms of Democracy as outlined in his critique in the Democratic Principle and is instead in favour of Organic Centralism and the Party Dictatorship Outlined in Party and Class


    Anti-Democracy usually works together with Anarcho-Totalitarianism, because he also unity of libertarian and authoritarian ideologies. More he is less willing to cooperate with Illiberal Democracy from over word "democracy".




    • Fascism - Democracy is just a weak system that promotes degeneracy in our great nation! Wait a minute, who's that Giovanni Gentile guy, and what is that "Democracy Par Excellence" cringe.
    • Scientocracy - You have good ideas, like him, but why don't you hate democracy? She's ruining your concept!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Fighting the libtard variants of demcucks is based but why do you claim so much of being democratic , with rubbish such as "Democratic Centralism" or "New Democracy" ?!? Your more Totalitarian variants are quite based though, not gonna lie.
    • Neoconservatism - You claim to be democratic, even more than your rival. That's cringe. But you also backed various dictators and anti-democratic leaders in the world. That's pretty based. You still need to go further though and be like them.
    • Anarchism - Democracy is just oppression with another name! But why some of your variants like "Direct Democracy" and cancer like that tho?!
    • Kakistocracy - Ha! Literally demcuck!, But Nguema and Pol Pot were great.


    Further Information


    How I stopped Believing in Democracy



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