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    Anti-Deathism is an off-compass libertarian left, hyper-transhumanist and culturally progressive ideology. This ideology advocates for the abolishment of death, dominance, gender roles, and predation. And a society where all communities are locally organized with different groups organizing together to form unions that vote on policy and elect/randomly select councils of delegates who can be retracted at any time who would form a council and enact policy based directly on votes, those councils then linking together with other councils on different municipal levels to form a federal council that works to organize and facilitate resources and supplies necessary for the local councils to be able to perform their duties adequately and can help to enact policy on a national level as a mediator. All that is collectively used is collectively owned. People participate because they will see the fruits of their labor in the society that sustains them. No one will be forced into working, all work will be voluntary, individuals and their co workers will make decisions together. People get what they want by taking what they need from a library of things or saying they want it in an anonymous wish list then when they select things all the materials that are needed to make said thing are registered, and people who are best suited to making them are notified. People will get special things like particularly excellent food or social reward for example by doing needed but taxing work. Collectively owned automation taking care of most things anyway. With a people's militia made of every member of the community to take care of crime where it would exist. And unkillable immortality with the ability of choosing to store and remember memories by choice. And to prevent all extinction events including any possible death of the universe. No one being allowed/able to die increases liberty, (read the philosophy section to know why).

    A hypothetical where nothing is impossible to think about what my philosophy would do with that.

    Life to have control over all non-life, and to achieve maximum possible freedom for all life. Every being that ever existed and if dead resurrected to have any ethical therapy needed to be ethical and healthy individuals that reject death. With all who chose to allow/cause unprovoked ruin/end of life publicly accept responsibility and apologize, then go to who they harmed and ask personally what they could do. (The victims also have therapy and such so whatever it is, it won't be too extreme.) Then be integrated into this society. And redesigned reality itself to maximize life's benefit. Go back in time to prevent oppression from ever existing and go back to the past to start civilization at the start of the universe so civilization can progress until the end of the universe, at which point it goes back to the start in so it can be guarantied to stop that end.


    To have experience there must be you to experience it, such as the experience of reading this. There is a you here to experience the thought of this, absence of you can't experience anything. You exist.

    You can conceptualize a contrast between suffering and non-suffering, to have the contrast you would need to experience what it is like to not suffer, making non-suffering an experience. You don't see black in death, there's no you to see black. Non-suffering is itself an experience and the concept of experience can't exist in death. The burden of proof is on every other understanding of death.

    Someone not being allowed to have experiences without them having a say in the matter is what all death does, not just "early death". Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good. People who think death creates meaning actually find meaning in what they think death is important for, but not death itself.

    The only reason I can decide what's important is that I exist to say it is. To say life isn't important is therefore a contradiction. One can say "you must accept the inevitable" all they like, but just as wanting a loss to hurt to prove what is lost had value, one must fight the end to prove the same.

    To suffer is to live as if dead, if you suffer you're not enacting your will as a life. Eternal suffering is functionally the same as death even with the obvious differences, ether way one can never choose to live again. To call death a "choice" is the same as calling becoming a slave a "choice", "you can sell yourself or keep your family in poverty" is as awful as "you can die or you can continue to suffer", ether way one is coerced and can't choose to go back to being free/alive.

    There is no difference in destroying what makes yourself happy and choosing to die, other then death being even worse. If someone wants to die they must be ill and/or misled, and both of those scenarios don't really count as a choice. "freedom to die" is not freedom.

    Life when healthy and free is its own reward. And so anything against it such as suffering or death is essentially a punishment that can be interpreted to mean the status quo that allowed for that punishment is flawed. Many think the flaw is with life or is life itself, but the flaws can only be the many circumstances that cause death and suffering.

    If a life is healthy it's going to desire to live in a healthy state for longer. And all I need to do to be an immortalist is to apply the mentality I have towards politics of "I don't care what it is, I care about what it should be" to that as well.

    Before humanity invented, they would not think the technological progress and control of the world humanity has in the 21st century is possible. We are nothing compared to what we can be.

    (Extra counter arguments to deathist arguments I've seen)

    Understanding of the gravity of actions and experiences is more important if immortal when one realizes that they really are permanent.

    What makes humanity human is consciousness, not death.

    The idea that the matter you're made of not turning to nothing can count as continuing to exist is absurd, you don't exist in inanimate objects now, so why would you become "one with everything" upon death?

    Children feel a reason to live without any understanding of death, one that can still exist in fully developed minds. And people can and do have the reaction of feeling that there is no reason to live with death.

    Albert Einstein said time is an illusion however to use this to justify the idea that existing in the past means you'll always exist is absurd, you cannot experience points in the past as if they were the now, even if you count perfect memory as doing that then what makes you think you could do it without a brain capable of it? You don't exist in the past and death wouldn't change that.





    • HelloThere314ism - "While one can seek subjective meaning it becomes nullified by death. This essential pointlessness is what sets us free! Free to simply live." Meaning isn't some kind of oppressive thing, to want to be free means you see meaning in being free.
    • Bsaheedism - Don't know what you believe now, I rarely check up on pcb so probably won't for a while.
    • Mutualism - This is an interesting ideology but not the best. One can give you their own made up token in exchange for you cleaning their house and you'll say no because it's made up. But if there are armed guards who will only let you out for the token, then you'll want it.
    • -- - Seems nice. But I hate the anti-anarchism.
    • Chaosocialism - It's not an "obsession", I want to have an ideal world. And death is in the way of that.
    • Euanism
    • Scarletism - No, all AuthLefts are bad. "Social movements should not use the means of seizing state power to achieve the ends of socialism because it would not result in the abolition of all forms of class rule, the minority of people who actually wield state power in the name of the workers such as politicians or bureaucrats would instead constitute a new ruling class who dominate and exploit the working classes and focus on reproducing and expanding that power rather then abolishing it."
    • Celfloskism - Be more anti-authoritarian please.

    Enemies that are Friends

    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Really cool guy. Much better then regular ancap, but capitalism is still a plague.
    • Left-Rothbardianism - Also much better then ancap, but capitalism is still a plague.
    • Fallenism - Thank you for the choccy milk. But capitalism is still a plague.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Cool guy, but I can't not put this here.
    • TypicalFan1 Thought - I think you're a cool guy and all, but that will be a big no from me.
    • Baconism
    • Northzrnism
    • Duckism
    • Gabrialduffeyism - Cool guy.
    • Neo-Bingoism - Monarchism should stay dead.
    • F.I.A.T - Fellow immortalist, but everything else is cringe.
    • Neo-Metbolism
    • Conseilism - Cool guy. I'm happy you're sympathetic towards immortalism. But obviously I wouldn't allow exponential population growth until I know I can colonize the stars. Until then, there would be something that stops the ability of people to have children. (One that can be reversed when the time comes.)
    • Xenithmism - Freedom and liberty aren't compatible with hierarchy.
    • Nullism - If you think that nothing matters because "there is no way to prevent the end", you're just weak.
    • Neo-Plenderplarism
    • Neo-Overbism
    • General Shrekretary Thought - There's no functional difference between "a fulfilled eternal life in heaven" and the society without death I want to create.
    • Admiralism - Imagining the will of the state to be any different from the separate and diverse will of the individuals that comprise it is just illogical. The state is not an active entity, nor is it a tool that can be used for a cause. Instead it’s a system by which certain violence can be legitimized. Also anyone who confuses anarchism and chaos don't have a clue about what anarchism is.
    • File:Chirotesla.png Chiroteslaism - The rest of what's here should say how I feel about the auth-"left".



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