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    Anti-Death Penalty is a non-quadrant political stance based around opposition against the death penalty.




    Anti-Death Penalty is a very soft person, seeing all human lives as valuable and often tries to get the perpetrator's side of the story in a fight before pulling better judgement. She is extremely outspoken about her opposition to the death penalty though.
    She's also a gorl, cuse why not.



    • Mitterrandism - Thanks for abolishing the death penalty in France!
    • Aploism - An authoritarian that opposes the death penalty? BASED!
    • CHROMATISM - No one can call themselves libertarians and then support the death penalty.


    • Federalism - Giving too much autonomy to subdivisions can allow them to keep the death penalty.
    • American Model - Real life example of what I said.
    • Confederalism - Same as above but worse.
    • Thermidorianism - Your purge of the jacobins was disgusting and inhumane, but they honestly had it coming.
    • Antidemocratic Hippieism - Thanks for clarifying that you're not as murder happy as I thought, still, being influenced by that monster raises a few red flags.
    • Pioneer Communism - Come on, tell me your opinions.


    • Pro-Death Penalty - Fuck you and your punitive "justice", this is literally legal murder!
    • Nazism, Pol Potism and Marxism-Leninism - Least deranged death penaltyists.
    • Robespierrism - Stop guillotining so many innocent people! They're not secret counter revolutionaries you idiot!
      • - Opposing my guillotining of random civilians? Ngl, sounds pretty counter revolutionary to me. À LA GUILLOTINE!
        • - NO!!
    • Lynch Justice - YOU'RE EVEN WORSE!!
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