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    Hewettarianism (Hew) is a civically libertarian, economically moderate-far right, culturally progressive, and extreme individualist ideology based off the beliefs of Cole Hewett.


    Hewettarianism supports a proportional representation parliamentary democracy and believes that the state should only exist to provide basic military protection, emergency services, basic schooling, and minimal regulation to promote competition and protect the worker/consumer. He believes that welfare should be strictly reserved for the disabled and the elderly, unemployment benefits should not come from the government, and unemployed people can look to charity for help. Unlike most other libertarian-right ideologies, Hewettarianism doesn’t necessarily see taxation as theft, and instead sees it as simply a burden on individuals that is necessary in order to maintain the government. He also differs from other ideologies in his quadrant in his belief that distribution and usage of hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, are not victimless crimes, seeing as the user is the victim. However, he does not see the harm in using soft drugs like marijuana and mushrooms.


    Hewettarianism generally follows Chicago economics and supports a flat tax rate, minimal regulation, and laissez faire capitalism. He opposes environmental regulation and believes public pressure should be utilized to push corporations towards sustainability. As far as government intervention goes, he supports anti-trust laws, (municipal) minimum wage, corporate transparency, and legal protection of workers’ unions.

    Culture & Society

    Hewettarianism is an extreme individualist that believes individuals should reject all group identity, and hates all identity politics outside individualism. He believes that cultural and societal collectivism is the root of all evil in the world. He also believes that individualism and capitalism are completely compatible with altruism and strongly encourages charity and philanthropy.

    Personality and Behavior

    Loves debating and watching other people debate. He has very low self esteem but will stand his ground when discussing politics. The one thing that irritates him the most is strawmanning and hyperbole. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt and has a very difficult time holding grudges. He gets more angry at abstract concepts than people.

    Stylistic Notes

    Hewettarianism usually looks tired and has grey eyes.


    Flag of Hewettarianism

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    (outdated version of the hewettarian flag. the current version has a cyan slash across the center)

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Dark Blue 57,56,110 #39386E
    Gold 255,219,40 #FFDB28
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Black 32,32,32 #202020
    Cyan 0,255,218 #00FFDA



    Neoconservatism - It’s fun having political discussions with you, dad.
    Libertarianism - Hell yeah! Third party pride!
    Capitalism - Unlike other people, I acknowledge that you’re a force for good.
    Mutual Libertarianism - Incredibly based, just lay off on the welfare.
    Transhumanism - All the people who call transhumanism a wacky ideology are Anprim.png AnPrim monke.
    Progressivism - Ideal cultural position, as long as it doesn't become SJW-ism
    LGBT Conservatism - Best kind of conservatism, though I wish AnComs would stop comparing me to you.
    Anti-Centrism - irony lol
    Pink Capitalism - I honestly don't see the problem with it. If corporations want to spread a cultural movement, why not let them?
    Patriotism - No problem with having a bit of national pride, as long as it doesn't pertain to any specific demographic.
    Liberal Conservatism - Center-right chad.
    Men's Liberation - Supporting men and women. That's what we should value.
    Democracy - Best form of government.
    Neo-Polfaxism - Egoist, LibCap, and Transhumanist? 10/10 based
    Libertarian Market Socialism - Second best economic system.
    Ego Post-Humanism - fckn based as hell
    Logavism - Laissez-faire markets and progressivism? Based!


    Democratism - Stupid collectivist pseudo-liberal, but you are my mom, so...
    Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Your economics & limited government are great, but the traditionalism concerns me.


    Hoppeanism - Collectivist scum.
    Sandersism - The welfare state is already a huge burden on taxpayers, why do you want to expand it??
    Collectivism - The root of all evil.
    Wafflism - You somehow made NazCap worse.
    Socialist Peacedomism - You have a bit of market economics, but not nearly enough. Also, you’re a statist.
    Conseilism - Anarchy? Monarchs? Ethnostates? Communism? 100% oppressive convoluted dystopia.
    Typicalfan1ism - Yet another ideology mindlessly grabbing at some sort of "identity" or "community" based on the borders you're born into. Also, you're advocating for a fckn theocracy.

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