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    Anti-Clericalism is an ideology that opposes religious authority and organized religion in social or political matters.

    There are many reasons why someone could oppose clerical authority. Such as, moral corruption, institutional issues, or religious conflict. Anti-clericalism can be practiced by both theists and atheists. Being anti-clerical doesn't necessarily mean you are an anti-theist, as you can oppose clerical authority, but not religious practices.

    Historically, Anti-Clericalism has been practiced in Authoritarian Communist countries like the USSR, But it has been practiced by Anarchists as well, such as in the Spanish Civil War.



    • Laicism - We need to separate religion from both the personal and public sphere
    • Kemalism - Getting rid of the theocratic Ottoman crap was based.
    • Jacobinism - The dechristianization policies during the French revolution were based.
    • Protestant Theocracy - Challenging Catholic authority was based.


    • State Atheism - We need to forcefully secularize the population yes, but not target individuals. We just need to attack religious institutions.
    • Secularism - Delusional. We can't just separate church and state and expect the church to be fine with that, we need to tear it down.



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